Things To Consider When Building Carports In Melbourne

All the measures are fair when it comes to protecting your four-wheeler! Whether you build a dedicated garage or a multifunctional carport – at the end of the day, it protects your vehicle from external damage.

Since every state has building authority regulations, people adopt different strategies to build carports in Melbourne. Hence, this article brings all the valuable things you need to consider before building carports.

Read on to start your DIY journey!

4 Factors to consider when building carports in Melbourne

A carport is a parking structure that protects the vehicle and can be used as a multifunctional unit. You can save your car from weather changes or use it as a freestanding structure. Since it is a simple structure with a roof supported by beams, it is essential to consider the following things before proceeding with the set-up.

  • Building regulations: As already mentioned, every local authority has its building regulations. To abide by these norms, you must check these regulations and plan for a simple carport structure. Ideally, it should have three closed sides to get permission from the building authorities.
  • Utility lines: You must consider the water connections and electrical conduits while digging the base for your carports in Melbourne. It takes permission and authorisation from the local authority to get a green signal to proceed with the construction.
  • Building materials: Be wise when choosing the materials because it will be a permanent structure. Hence, weigh your options properly and consider the durability.
  • Property tax: Since a carport is an additional structure of your home, it increases the overall value of your property. Hence, you must be ready to pay an extra property tax.

After knowing the significant factors to consider when building carports, it is time to explore the multiple types of carports you can make. Move on to the following section for more details on types of carports.

4 Types of carports in Melbourne

There are a variety of carport plans available on landscaping and building improvement websites. However, if you want to DIY the carport, below are the options you can choose from:

  • Portable carports: These are available in DIY kits, and you need to assemble the set in the space outside your home. They are durable, easy to install, and have all the necessary parts with a maintenance manual.
  • Freestanding carports: A freestanding carport is like a pergola with lightweight features. While these are portable, you can also build an unattached structure permanently embedded in the ground.
  • Attached: These carports are standard when you are in the construction phase of your home or have sufficient open space attached to your home. These are one of the most preferred types of carports because it gives multiple options for customisation of the design.
  • Custom carports: If you have a thing for personalisation, this will be your favourite carport idea. A custom carport is designed and planned according to your requirements. It may not have an actual installation procedure or standard parts.

Wrapping up

It should be easy for you to start the construction of carports outside your home with this brief guide. The next thing you need to do is find the authority regulations and get the approval for building a carport.

As far as design is concerned, you can easily plan a custom carport or get a DIY kit.