Things to Consider Before Buying Dumbbells

Workout equipment aren’t things you can simply go and grab from the store. There is a quite a bit of thinking you need to do before you pick a gym equipment, even if it is a pair of dumbbells to use at home. If you are on the lookout for a new pair of dumbbells, here are some of the basics to look at.


There are two main types that dumbbells come in. You can opt for the fixed type, or the adjustable type. There are a number of significant differences between the two, which you need to have insight on, first. You may want to seek advice from a professional trainer, who should be able to recommend the ideal type for you, after considering essential factors related to your fitness levels and purpose.

However, if you have had gyming experience over years, you might be able to decide what is best yourself. Nevertheless, if it has been a while since you shopped for a new pair of dumbbells, wit would not hurt to find out about the latest brands and introductions.

Dumbbell Weight

Once again, it is best that you obtain some advice from an expert before you decide to get different weights at once (for adjustable dumbbells that is) or if you should ‘go with the flow’ and only get new weights as you increase your capacity gradually. There is quite a bit to consider when it comes to increasing/adding weight. It mostly depends on the type of dumbbell you are using. Thus, how the weight factor works could vary with type.


The shape factor may not seem like a big deal. It is simple as preferring one to another. There are round dumbbells and hexagonal ones that you could choose from. As mentioned, there is not much of a significant difference between the two others than their shape. However, one may sometimes prefer hexagonal dumbbells owing to factors like convenience and safety.

Compared to the round ones, hexagonal dumbbells do not roll off, and so is convenient to handle as well as safe (you do not have to worry about them rolling over someones toes). You can buy dumbbells online to suit your specific requirements and preferences.


When it comes to material, you would be ideally referring to the outer layer of the dumbbell. You may opt for plain steel, rubberized, or chrome. Some opt for rubberized dumbbells for the reason that they are obviously safer to use (they are less likely to hurt anyone in cased they rolled over feet and toes).

This type is also preferred because they make less noise in case you drop them or let them roll along the floor for that matter. On the other hand, some would go for the steel ones for the very reason that they last longer without any effort. While there is always a chance of the rubber wearing out in the former type, there are no such issues to worry about when it comes to steel ones.