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Are you finding a parental monitoring app to help you monitor your kids during the holiday season?

You’ve come to the right place.

Today’s article is all about a powerful parental control app that has gained popularity in the online market like wildfire. 

However, if you ask the public opinion, no one would favor using a spy app. But such a criticism does not reduce the demand for mobile spyware. It is all upon us how we use software for the greater good. 

TheWiSpy is robust spyware and parental monitoring solution that people can use for multiple purposes. For instance, parents can use this spyware as parental control and kids’ monitoring app. Businesses can use TWS for employee surveillance. 

You can use TheWiSpy for personal data backup as well.

Let’s find more about TheWiSpy app and see how it can help you monitor your children this Easter.

TheWiSpy Review – 30% Off on this Easter 2021

The countdown to Easter 2021 has finally begun. There are only a few days left till Easter. Everyone around the globe is busy preparing for the Easter festivities. Kids are excited the most for the Easter egg hunt and other joyous activities.

The outside world is no safer for children. First, there is a deadly virus roaming outside. Second, the rate of child abduction during the holiday season has become so much higher. It is risky to let your kids out on their own. 

Never let your child go for the Easter egg hunt without any supervision. You can either go with your kids or track their whereabouts while they are outside.

Here, apps like TheWiSpy help parents to monitor their kids even if they are outside.

Continue reading, as we are going to reveal some unique products of TheWiSpy app in the following section.

TheWiSpy Mobile Monitoring Solution – Get 30% Off on All Subscriptions:

TheWiSpy is an advanced monitoring solution specifically designed for Android cell phones and tablets. if we consider digital parenting, TheWiSpy app is delivering cut-edge attributes that entitle parents to have control over their kids’ cyberspace.

Easter and other occasional holidays bring joy to our lives. Simultaneously, the holiday season makes kids either go out with friends or spend hours playing mobile games. 

We understand how difficult it is for busy parents to monitor children. You don’t need to worry anymore because you can now track your juveniles during Easter with an affordable parental control app TheWiSpy.

Here are the details of TWS monitoring products that everyone should know.

1. Android Monitoring:

TheWiSpy is a feature-rich app to hack Android devices of any model. It empowers you to keep the track of tablets and Android cell phones remotely. You can spy on Android devices that run operating system version 4 or higher. TheWiSpy offers several features that allow you to dig into every detail of your target Android device. From phone calls to text messages, there is nothing that the TWS app cannot track. 

Android monitoring solution is an all-rounder product of TheWiSpy, offering all the features of this fantastic mobile monitoring app. Whether you want to monitor your elderly family member or your child, TWS is the best solution to track cell phones and tablets remotely.

2. Mobile Tracker:

One of TheWiSpy app’s best qualities is that you can use it as your personal mobile tracker. You can track the whereabouts of your target device and get real-time location remotely. You can use TheWiSpy mobile tracking solution to track your children when they are playing outside. Moreover, businesses can leverage this product to trace the location of their employees. If you have lost your cell phone or someone robbed it, TWS helps you track it if it is pre-installed on your device. To avoid roaming cyber and physical dangers, we all must install a mobile tracker app on personal and family devices.

3. Parental Controls:

Parents around the world share common worries, and that includes their kids being cell phone addicts. The only effective way to combat digital addiction among children is by controlling their cyberspace. TheWiSpy offers parental control solutions that hold all the essential features that an excellent parental control may have. Using TWS parental controls, you can monitor your child’s overall screen usage, set screen time, block adult websites, restrict addictive apps, and limit other digital activities remotely. The good part is that; your child will have no idea that you are controlling the digital space secretly. It’s time to stop cyber dangers and filter your kids’ mobile screens with TWS parental control app.

4. Kids’ Monitoring

The internet is a vast space that contains both productive and destructive content. It is the sole responsibility of parents to monitor their kids’ online space. If you stay busy at work all day and could not find time to check on your children, you must use a kids’ monitor to advance your parenting. TheWiSpy kids’ monitoring features are jam-packed with all the vital features a parent requires to monitor kids. You can listen to phone calls, read text chats, monitor social media, record surrounding noises, and track other physical and cyber activities of your child online.

5. Employee Surveillance:

The security breach is a significant threat among enterprises of all levels. In most cases, an imposter is a deceiving employee leaking all the company details to rivals. Also, single negligence by employees can cost companies a lot. That is why businesses have now started to track their staff’s work phones with employee monitoring apps. TheWiSpy employee surveillance solution is one of a kind. It delivers impressive features to keep track of employee phone usage during duty times. Also, you can track your employee’s GPS location anytime with this app. Be it phone calls or messages, TWS employee surveillance provides complete reporting on work phone activities.

TheWiSpy Easter Offer – Avail Of 30% Discount Before the Offer Expires:

Unlike millennials, kids today have cell phone independence. Mobile devices along with unlimited internet connection is a dangerous combo for kids. Our children are perhaps tech-savvy, but they are not tech-safe. Kids, especially teens, can contact anyone using cell phones. It has become easier for online predators to find vulnerable kids to prey upon. 

Everyone is unsafe in the digital world. We can protect our kids and loved ones with strong mobile monitoring apps like TheWiSpy. Buy TheWiSpy and get 30% Off on all subscriptions.

Get a TWS license at a discounted price and save up to 30% on all subscriptions.


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