These Resources Will Help Your Kids Learn About Weather

It’s no secret that understanding the weather and its patterns can be a tricky thing for adults, let alone children. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help kids learn about the weather in an engaging and fun way.

From interactive online games to outdoor activities, the options are plentiful. Not only do these resources teach kids about meteorology and climate science but they also instill in them a greater appreciation for environmental stewardship.

Here are eight great resources that will help your kids learn about the weather excitingly and educationally.

Weather Wiz Kids

This is a great website for kids to explore the world of weather and climate. From the basics of meteorology to more in-depth topics, this site offers plenty of information that helps make learning about weather enjoyable. Plus, it provides fun activities like creating forecasts and playing online games. Additionally, the website also provides helpful information for teachers, such as lesson plans and educational resources.

Meanwhile, the Weather Whiz Kids app includes plenty of educational activities such as quizzes, videos, and games for younger children. It’s the perfect way to get your kids interested in studying the weather from home.

Generation Genius

This is an online educational platform that has hundreds of video lessons about different weather and climate topics. Your kids can watch a specific weather video for kids about how the atmosphere works, why we have seasons, and even how to make a barometer. Additionally, there are plenty of articles, experiments, and activities available to help kids gain a better understanding of meteorology and climate science.

If your child wants to learn about the weather in a more hands-on way, then Generation Genius’s DIY Activity Guide is an excellent resource. It provides instructions on how to build various weather-related items such as a cloud viewer, thermometer, and wind vane.

Weather Underground

The Weather Underground website is a great source of information for anyone wanting to learn about the weather. This site offers up-to-date forecasts, satellite imagery, maps, and more. Plus, it features a section for kids with fun facts and entertaining articles about weather-related topics.

Additionally, the Weather Underground has a handy tutorial that teaches kids the basics of meteorology. It explains different types of clouds, and how severe weather works and allows users to keep track of current conditions in their area and around the world.

Finally, Weather Underground also offers a suite of weather apps for both iOS and Android, so your kids can stay up-to-date on the latest conditions.


AccuWeather is another great resource for learning about weather and climate science. The site provides detailed forecasts by region, as well as helpful articles about severe weather events and storms.  Plus, AccuWeather has a section specifically for kids that offers informative videos and educational activities. These include quizzes on hurricane safety and cloud formation, plus interactive games like crosswords and word searches.

AccuWeather also offers a premium subscription service, which provides even more detailed information, including interactive storm-tracking maps and special forecasts tailored to your locale. This is ideal for those who want to get the most out of their weather education.

The Weather Channel

This website is a go-to resource for weather information. It provides current conditions, forecasts, and detailed maps of different regions around the world. Plus, The Weather Channel has plenty of educational features to help kids learn about meteorology and climate science. These include articles with fun facts about storms and videos featuring famous meteorologists.

Your kids can also take part in the interactive quizzes and games available on The Weather Channel. These activities help to reinforce their knowledge of meteorology, as well as provide an entertaining way to learn about the weather. They can even practice their forecasting skills with the “My Weather Forecast” game.


For those looking to learn about meteorology and climate science in a more interactive setting, WeatherBug is an excellent resource. This site provides current conditions and forecasts for locations around the world, as well as interactive maps. Plus, it has educational features such as articles and videos that explain different weather-related topics.

Your kids can also take part in the WeatherBug Academy, which provides free online classes about meteorology. These classes cover a variety of topics, ranging from basics like wind and precipitation to more advanced subjects like storm tracking and severe weather prediction.

NOAA’s Climate Kids

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a website devoted just to kids. Called Climate Kids, it features entertaining articles about weather-related topics as well as educational videos and activities. Your kids can also use the interactive maps to learn more about climate science, such as how temperature changes over time in different parts of the world.

On the other hand, if they’re looking for something more hands-on, Climate Kids also offers a selection of projects and experiments they can do. These activities help to reinforce the concepts they’ve learned and provide a fun way to explore the weather.

NASA Climate Kids

If your child wants to take their weather knowledge to the next level, then NASA’s Climate Kids website is a great resource. This site offers plenty of interactive activities and games that teach kids about climate change, air pollution, and more complex topics. Additionally, there are helpful educational videos that explain how different types of weather phenomena form and move around the globe.

Your kids can also take part in NASA’s “Explorer Challenge,” which gives them a chance to use their knowledge of meteorology to solve puzzles and complete missions. For instance, they can use NASA’s online tools to track and analyze severe storms or measure the changes in Earth’s average temperature over time.

From interactive maps and quizzes to hands-on experiments, these resources provide an engaging way for kids to learn about meteorology. Whether they’re just starting or looking to take their knowledge of weather science up a notch, there are plenty of educational materials available on each site.

With the help of these tools and activities, your children can become more informed citizens who understand how our climate works — and why it’s so important that we do what we can to predict and maintain it.