The way forward- Why interactive walkthroughs?

Lately, businesses are looking for innovative, creative and straightforward solutions to help their employees. It is important for the business to keep their employees updated about the new technology and new features of the product and services. Especially for the larger businesses, it is difficult for them to keep them updated with everything so here they take the help of interactive walkthroughs. These are implemented with proprietary software like Whatfix etc. Interactive Walkthroughs is a step by step guide to increasing the knowledge of the employees and customers as well. It helps in user onboarding and training sessions which help in a higher level of understanding.

The interactive walkthroughs are a guide that will help the end-user to get a thorough understanding with the help of chatbots, pop-up prompt bubbles and toolbox. This is a kind of personalized learning tool which accelerates the knowledge level. It is important to keep the employees informed of the new technology which will in the end improve their performance which in turn will turn out good for the organization. This will act as a guide for the end-users. For example, a business introduces a new system that requires training to the employees. Here the business can take the help of interactive walkthroughs which will make your employees learn how to use the new system efficiently. This will help the end-user to fastly adapt to the new released system or feature. To better know about the interactive walkthroughs, the following are some of the features:

  • Audience segmentation- The interactive walkthrough software will segment the employees on the basis of their title, position etc. On the basis of these metrics, the training sessions will be provided to the end-user.
  • Multiple platforms- Once can use interactive walkthrough software on their desktop, mobile and other platforms. This will help the user to have easy access to the new information and training sessions anytime anywhere.
  • Automation- The interactive walkthroughs have automated processes for training sessions which leads to fewer errors.
  • Data collection- The interactive walkthrough software will automatically look and record the data that will give the idea to the employer how the user likes their training session to be and what changes can make their experience better.

So above are some of the major features clearly explaining the interactive walkthroughs. While planning for an interactive walkthrough, make sure to build it keeping in mind your end-user, encourage them by using alerts and reminders, user-friendly etc. It should be easy for the end-user so that they can freely make good use of the software.

Following are some of the benefits of the interactive walkthrough:

  • Personalized guidance- Interactive walkthrough software will give every employee and customer automated personal guidance as it will automatically categorize on the basis of type of customer, employee title, etc. This will help the user to better grasp the training sessions and features.
  • 24×7 access- You can have access to the interactive walkthrough software anytime anywhere. The employees can go for their training sessions even if they are out of their work premises. In case of any confusion, the user can visit the walkthrough to overcome their doubt and can get a better understanding.
  • Easy adoption- This will help the end-user to get an easy understanding as they will self-learn about the things. They need not rely on anyone for any kind of information and can self-help. They will find every content on the software through which they can easily complete their operations.
  • Cost-efficient- This is a cost-efficient way of maintaining the content. Unlike the traditional method, the data will be saved in the software. Also, the employer can easily update the information and it will reach all the employees in no time. Although, updating the interactive walkthrough will take some days.
  • No people for support- As the end-users will be able to help themselves, they would not require any support people for help. This will help the business to save money on the support team.

So above are some of the benefits of interactive walkthroughs. For this software, you can blindly rely on ‘Whatfix.’ They will make your end-user experience great and will make your users feel delighted as they will feel like they helped themselves.