The Ultimate Klaviyo Email Deliverability Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach

Undoubtedly, email marketing is among the most effective ways you can engage your audience and entice them to an assured purchase. Beyond being effective, email marketing is also an affordable strategy to win over productive returns. 

To give you a perspective, you must know that email marketing is expected to generate a revenue of around $12 billion by the end of 2023. 

This expresses the demand for email marketing across the globe among business owners. And Klaviyo is one of the popular platforms that offer you with the feasibility of automating the email marketing approach. A Klaviyo product expert or VA can help you use the platform to retain, grow, and acquire customers through marketing emails. 

As of today, this platform has more than 70,000 customers and is one of the most demanding platforms for email marketing on a global scale. Among all crucial email marketing elements, Klaviyo understands the importance of email deliverability scores above them all. In short, deliverability is the factor that can influence the success or failure of your email marketing plans.  

So, let’s try and understand the ideal approach for marketing your business offerings through email with respect to Klaviyo’s email deliverability guide. 

What do You Understand by Email Deliverability?

For beginners, email deliverability might seem like a very complex concept. But, if you understand the intention of it, things will be pretty much easy for you to adopt. Email deliverability refers to the idea of placing an email after it gets successfully delivered to the email server of the recipient. 

An email deliverability score is stated as good when your mail lands on the primary inbox of your potential leads or customers and not their spam folder. To help you better understand this concept, you must know that email deliverability is different from that of email delivery. 

The email being received by your lead or customer is referred to as email delivery! But, the email landing on the main inbox is called deliverability. You can connect with a Klaviyo product expert to help you leverage the potential of the platform and improve email deliverability on priority. 

What are the Things that Affect Your Email Deliverability Score?

Improving email deliverability is an integral part of your marketing strategy, but before you hire a Klaviyo product expert for it, get an insight into the factors that adversely affect the associated score:

  1. Emails Left Unattended in the Outbox

In some cases, the emails might not leave the outbox at the moment when you intend to send them to your customers. It happens mostly if some of the recipients within their email list have unsubscribed or revoked their consent to your newsletter or email services. 

  1. Bounced Emails

Upon fixing some of the issues, most of the emails will ultimately leave your outbox, but not all of them will reach the mail server of your recipients. Some might just bounce on either hard or soft terms. 

Hard bounce occurs when the email ID of a recipient is invalid. Such a situation mostly occurs when the recipient mistakenly entered the wrong email in the sign-up forms. Soft bounce, on the other hand, occurs for a plethora of reasons, such as:

  • The inbox of the recipient is full of unread emails.
  • The server is offline.
  • The recipient has blocked the sender’s address. 
  1. Emails Landing in Spam Folder

If the recipient marked your email address as spam, your emails would land directly in the respective folder, and your potential lead or customer might not ever see them. Alongside that, if the content or subject line violates any policy as specified by the service provider, your email will land in the spam folder. This might also be a problem if your email deliverability score is low. 

What are the Factors that Influence the Growth or Fall of Email Deliverability Score?

A Klaviyo product expert or a virtual assistant can help you understand the efficacy of factors that affect your email deliverability score. But, to give you a glimpse, there are different algorithms with respect to varying email providers for repelling spam emails. But some of the common factors that they count on are:

  • IP Reputation

If your sender’s IP is on the blocklist of the email provider, then your marketing messages will land in the spam folder of your recipients. As email providers are aware that a sender’s IP is used by multiple businesses, be careful that false email-sending practices of others might also affect your deliverability. 

  • Sending Domain Reputation

The reputation of your email-sending domain should not have too many complaints of spamming. Moreover, the content being sent through the domain should also be informative and not spammy! The email provider must find your domain reputation to be satisfactory for landing the emails in the main inbox, or else they will go to the spam. 

  • Recipient Engagement

The email providers will also judge the engagement rate of the users upon emails being sent from a specific domain. Positive or negative engagement will lead the algorithm of email providers to decide if the next incoming email should land in the main inbox or the spam folder. Positive attention is implied when CTAs are clicked or your email address is added to the contact list. Negative engagement is implied when no links are clicked, and your address is marked as spam. 

What are the Best Practices for Improving the Email Deliverability Score?

Some of the best practices for you to scale your email deliverability score are:

  • Optimize the Email Content

Most email marketers tend to focus only on making the emails beautiful and highly converting, but optimizing them for deliverability is also important. For that, you must avoid spammy subject lines, maintain a balance between text and images, and limit the use of URLs. 

  • Use Dedicated Sender’s IP

When your sender’s IP is shared with other companies, their poor email-sending habits can affect your reputation on email deliverability as well. So, it is better to have a dedicated IP for your email automation service

  • Allow Users to Unsubscribe

Even though unsubscriptions mean drawbacks to your email strategy, you must still make it easy for your customers to opt-out. It is because a good brand takes the consent of the users before sending them promotional emails. When users don’t find it easy to unsubscribe, they mark your address as spam. 

  • Hire a Klaviyo Virtual Assistant

The best thing you should count on is hiring a Klaviyo product expert or a virtual assistant to help you leverage the potential of its email marketing features. These experts shall help you improve all aspects of email deliverability, may it be engagement, sender’s IP, content optimization, or others. 

It is a one-stop approach for you to improve your Klaviyo email marketing measures. Look out for the best virtual assistant agency, and get done with this job. 

Bottom Line

So, this explains how crucial it is for you to focus on email deliverability while using automation services for your marketing measures. Email marketing might be one of the most cost-effective solutions for you to win more customers for your brand. But at the same time, you should emphasize doing it right to not end up in the spam folders. 

Therefore, seek help from a Klaviyo product expert or VA who would understand the technicalities of the platform and the importance of email deliverability. In this way, they would help you create a winning email marketing strategy for your brand’s success.