The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Affordable Spray Tanning in Austin

Are you looking for a safe and affordable spray tanning in Austin? Then you have arrived at the right place. You can easily book an appointment with Parlor Beauty Bar to have an airbrush spray tan in Austin. Still, if you have no idea what it is, stay a while to find out how to get a sun-kissed body without going into the sun.

Getting an Airbrush Spray Tan

When you go into the sun, your skin produces a pigment to protect it from UV rays and prevent permanent skin damage. Yet, with the sun’s heat these days, it is not safe to enjoy a tan outside. The safest way to get a golden glow skin today is with an airbrush spray tan.

When you visit our premium tanning salon, the technicians apply the tanning solution using an airbrush and compressor. It is one of the safest methods as it works with a DHA ingredient that reacts with the outer skin layer to give you a bronze effect.

Yet, we must state that it does not provide your skin with UV protection, and you still need to take care of the sun. After the first application, you will find that the skin can still darken and reaches a max color within 12-hours.

You can also find tanning solutions with bronzers providing immediate effect and washing off after showering.

Airbrush and Spray Tanning Difference

While airbrush tanning is a spray tanning, the application is different. So, instead of using a spray gun, the technicians use an airbrush as it presents a precise control but is a slower process. Furthermore, it also depends on the airbrushes used in the process.

How Long Does Your Spray Tan Last

When you come for an airbrush spray tan, it can last from five to ten days, depending on the aftercare you give to your skin. We recommend you only get a spray tan once per week. As your skin starts with new cell development, the tan will fade. Proper exfoliation and cleansing before your sunless tanners are applied can help prolong that golden look. With aftercare applying moisturizer daily also helps. You can also extend that sun-kissed look using a tan extender with a small amount of DHA in it.

How Long Does And Airbrush Spray Tan Take

Our technicians have loads of practice in the tanning salon, and it can take up o 12 minutes or more. The drying time is five to ten minutes, and applying it can take five minutes. The best thing is that it is safe as the DHA is FDA-approved three-carbon sugar colorless in the water yet used on the skin, producing a tanned color.

Still, you may find that rough patches on your skin act like a mini-sponge and soaks up the tanning solution, and the technicians will apply less to those areas. So you need not worry that your hands or feet will look unsightly.

Get Your Sun-Kiss Look Today

As you can see, having an airbrush spray tan done is safe and affordable when you visit Austin’s premium tanning salon. So, if you want a golden glow this summer without going into the sun, check our website for some customizable plans.