Is your business card putting off new connections?

Your business’ first point of contact with new leads during networking events is your business card.

What you may not be fully aware of is the extent to which it could make or break your prospecting.

The quality of your business card influences the judgment your company receives. More than 7 in 10 people will make up their minds about you, both as a professional and as a business at large, by this metric. This is according to findings by the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

So having a great business card is crucial because you rarely get second chances in the business world.

That said, physical cards are fast tumbling out of favor, with 88% of business cards tossed in the first 7 days of reception.

They are environmentally unfriendly, and just like your TV remote, can go missing at the most inopportune times and only turn up when the opportunity has passed.

So what are digital business cards? How can you use a smart networking platform to create digital business cards that turn heads?

We answer these and more pressing questions as we crack the code of digital business cards. Let’s get right into it.

How can I create and share a digital business card using my phone?

A digital business card is simply an electronic version of your business card, or a digital profile containing your professional credentials. 

Without a doubt, there’s no shortage of resources for creating digital business cards. From computer programs to smartphone apps, that are a ton of options at your fingertips.

However, we’ll consider one of the most reliable performers in the industry, largely due to the convenience this mobile app provides. If you’re aiming to create digital business cards from scratch fast, and aren’t too keen on getting bogged down by technological runarounds, StayTouch is one way you could go.

Here’s the lowdown on how to make digital business cards with the StayTouch app:

  • Download StayTouch from the Google PlayStore or App Store
  • Create a public profile for your digital business card
  • Share the profile wirelessly with prospects by just tapping two phones together to perform a digital handshake
  • If you already have physical business cards you’d like to digitize, simply scan them using StayTouch’s business card scanner. It will automatically lift details from the card into your profile.

And that’s it. You’re all done. As simple as taking a walk in the park. 

What makes a good digital business card great?  

Business cards have become a gimmick today and a basic part of professional etiquette.  However, merely owning digital business cards isn’t enough to win over your prospects.

CEOs and other VIPs receive countless business cards at networking events. So for your card to stand out from the crowd, it truly has to be pretty special. Here’s how you can make yours the star of the show:

  • Use a contactless and efficient contact management tool. When everyone’s exchanging handshakes and physical business cards, make a mark by using a smart networking platform such as StayTouch for wireless contact exchange solutions. It shows you’re tech-savvy and professional. 
  • Don’t be afraid to add some color. Statistics indicate that retention spans for colored business cards are 10 times as much as a typical plain card.
  • Less is more.  Be direct with your information, and don’t go into the details. Simply state your name, title & company name, and basic contact information (either one of a phone number, email, or your preferred communication should suffice).
  • Put a face to the name. This breeds familiarity and trust. With StayTouch, your profile picture can fulfill this important function for you.
  • Make it super specific for your target connections. Specificity is key to designing digital business cards that sell. Since you may not have the opportunity to create a new one each time you meet different prospects, consider a remote networking platform like StayTouch. You can use this tool to create multiple profiles here, then share the appropriate one each time.

What is the best place to share digital business cards? 

Digital business cards are suitable for a huge variety of networking occasions, and here are some excellent places where they can work wonders for you:

  • Professional networking sites: Many professional networking sites now include an option to upload digital business cards to your profile. This makes it easy for prospects to learn about you and your business in seconds. 
  • In-person networking events: With social distance becoming an integral aspect of everyday life in a pandemic-riddled era, digital business cards are in line with the spirit of safe business networking. You wouldn’t want to leave home without a mask to protect you, and so too shouldn’t you attend networking events without safe digital networking solutions like StayTouch.
  • Social media: With the professional relationships management tool StayTouch, for instance, you can share your profiles with friends and contacts on popular social networking platforms. 
  • Emails: You can include links to your business profile as an email signature
  • Trade fairs: If you’re a seller, or just attending to generate new leads, digital business cards are still useful in this case
  • Online meetings: From job interviews to work meetings and everything in between, these cards are also a perfect way to make a mark

If you’re using an enterprise contact management platform such as StayTouch, you can even create public and private profiles to suit different business events. 


Do you have a digital business card?

In life as in business, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make your first one count by using a smart networking platform like StayTouch.

Digital business cards are a testament to your professionalism and environmental consciousness. So not only do you help make the world a better place, but also paint a good brand image that attracts prospects like moths to a flame.

Take your business relationship management to the next level with digital business cards.