Beginners who are interested in getting into marijuana cultivation and cannabis, then you can buy marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank to find the different varieties and types of cannabis. Each type has its own morphological characteristics as well as its induced effects.

You should keep in mind that the psychoactive effect induced by the marijuana plant is credited to its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A higher Cannabidiol (CBD) content leads to a more stimulating effect. This means that the species containing a higher amount of THC is more likely to produce a stronger effect on the central nervous system. 

In this article, we will discuss the types of cannabis plants, marijuana strains, and their associated effects. 

Types of Cannabis Plants

There are three major types of cannabis plants that are relevant to us, these are as follows: 

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is a wild type of cannabis plant. Ruderalis weed seeds that grow in the wild are much more suited to grow in harsh and unfavorable conditions. Morphologically, it shares some similarities with Cannabis indica but is much shorter in height.

Ruderalis has a much lower THC and CBD content than other species. This type is important because we have been able to produce autoflower seeds by cross-breeding them with Cannabis sativa. 

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis indica is the main species involved in the production of Cannabinoids. Its chemicals, mainly Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are responsible for its reputation as a mild to potent sedating agent. This distinguishes it from Cannabis sativa, which has higher fiber content and Cannabidiol (CBD) content which makes it more stimulating. 

Morphologically, the indica plant has short and wide olive-green leaves that make it different from the sativa type. 

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa is another type of cannabis plant. As opposed to Cannabis indica, this type has a lower THC content and a higher CBD content. This makes it a good stimulating agent. 

Historically, they had been used as eco-friendly sources for shelter and even as fuel due to their higher fiber content. Sativa plants are long and slender. They are dark green in color. 

Hybrid Cannabis 

Hybrid cannabis has the properties of both Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Today most marijuana strains are of the hybrid type. They were specially developed so that people could enjoy both worlds or even customize their experience. 

Hybrid types of cannabis can have varying effects based on the level of cannabinoids and terpenes produced in them. 

Types of Cannabis Strains and Their Effects 

Several thousand or even ten thousand strains of marijuana might have been developed over time due to technological advancements and knowledge in the fields of botany and horticulture. 

There are three major types of cannabis plants or cannabis species. Therefore, we are going to classify some marijuana strains like legend og strain according to these species as follows, 

  1. Cannabis Indica Strains

This type of marijuana seeds is more likely to produce a psychoactive or sedating effect. Indica produces a strong, long-lasting, relaxing effect on the body, so many users feel more lazy and slouchy. 

Indica relaxes the muscles by releasing the tension in the muscle fibers, it can also produce some analgesic effects and helps to alleviate anxiety by calming the mind. It can also be used for a good night’s rest. 

Some strains are Purple Kush, Shishkaberry, Bubba OG, MK Ultra, Diamond OG, and many others. 

  1. Cannabis Sativa Strains

Cannabis sativa stimulates the nervous system. Have you ever seen movies or cartoons where the camera zooms in, and the pupil becomes dilated? That’s exactly what happens with Sativa. 

Sympathetic activity in the nervous system produces a sudden burst of energy. The strain is good for getting things done. It also increases appetite and emotional tendencies by increasing the levels of happy chemicals in the body. 

Common strains are Root beer kush, Trix, Raspberry Cough, Sour Diesel, Sojay Haze, Sun Ra, Sputnik, and many more. 

  1. Hybrid Cannabis Strains 

Trying hybrid cannabis seeds from is going to be a mystery. Hybrid cannabis strains are produced from a variety of other cannabis strains, so their effects aren’t predictable. 

Some famous hybrid strains are: 

  • Rocket Fuel
  • Pink Kush
  • False Teeth
  • Alien Walker
  • O.G.K.B
  • Bubblicious 


Marijuana enjoyers that are looking to grow their own marijuana or buy their weed should research the type, strains, and effects of this cannabis plant.

Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa, are the main types used due to their cannabinoid content. And hybrid types are a mixture of the two. Indica produces a psychoactive sedating effect on the body, while sativa produces a stimulating effect on the nervous system. The effects of hybrid cannabis cannot be generalized.