The True Superfoods

Spirulina, wheatgrass, cacao, moringa and hemp seeds. This is just a small list of products that are considered by many to be superfoods. While these products do appear to offer nutritional value, some questions need to be raised.

For example, are the benefits of opting for these so-called superfoods as opposed to more commonly known plant foods such as potatoes and kale. Is there a real benefit to going for superfoods and is it backed up by scientific data?

Another question many people wonder is if we really need to pay a lot of money for superfoods? Is it really worth the financial investment?

We have compiled a list of healthy, affordable foods packed with nutrients. Based on scientific data, these foods can easily be considered to be superfoods. A side note here is that all plant-based foods offer significant nutritional value.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds can easily be added to plant-based breakfasts, salads or cakes as ground flax seeds. They contain omega-3 essential fatty acids and add bulk to your meals (high in fiber), keeping you full and fulfilled for longer periods.


Potatoes are the superfoods of human history. Throughout the world, during hard times, at times of the year where growing food can be more challenging, potatoes have always stood out as the go-to food.

Some people even swear by a potatoe-only diet. You can obtain various vital nutrients such as protein, potassium and fiber. The best of all is that potatoes offer real health benefits but they are dirt cheap.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are making a new entrance in certain parts of the world, but for others they have been part of people´s diet for years and years. One such place is Japan, where you will find an abundance of different types of sweet potatoes. It is no coincidence that people in Japan have one the longest average life spans.


Quinoa was a staple food for the Maya, Inca and Aztec people, especially as they prepared for battles. Quinoa is known for its complete protein profile. It fills you up nicely and keeps you going for a long time.


Green leafy vegetables are an absolute essential part of a healthy diet. They contain tons of minerals and vitamins that your body craves for. Simply cook it separately or add it to practically anything, including pasta and salad.

Red cabbage

Depending on where you live, red cabbage may offer the best price-nutrient ratio. Its deep red-purple colour tells you something about the antioxidant presence, which is essential to ensuring longevity. The best of all is that red cabbage is still a fairly cheap product, even though its minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are present in abundance.


Berries also offer that beautiful deep colour, and with a ton of nutrients. Berries are slightly less available than red cabbage, as it usually only grows in certain parts of the world and at certain times of the year. You can, however, buy frozen berries to use all year round.

Its scarcity makes berries also a slightly more expensive product on this list of true superfoods.

What is your go-to superfood?