Sodo6789 Online Lottery – The Top Destination For Vietnamese Lottery Lots

Sodo6789 online lottery can be said to be a familiar entertainment attraction that attracts hundreds of players every day. Here you can satisfy the passion of nine with mystical numbers, enjoy the green bonuses. So what’s so special about this category? Let’s explore and enjoy together in this sharing post.

What is Sodo6789 Online Lottery?

Vietnam is one of the countries with strong development in the field of lottery. Every day it is unknown how many people search for possible transportation through the red and black numbers. Along with the development of modern technology, online form was born to solve some of the limited modes of traditional play.

Sodo Casino is a bookmaker from Europe, a village program in 2019, specializing in providing popular betting games. In which, the platform’s lottery is considered a category with fatal attraction. Realize the daily reality of up to several hundred clicks to the experience.

Similar to the traditional way of playing, Sodo6789 Online Lottery also has a simple rule of predicting potential numbers in each drawing. However, the house has created many more forms with extremely high bonuses. Accompanied by exclusive promotions deployed regularly, creating an attraction that is hard to refuse for a professional red and black bettor.

Top forms of Sodo6789 Online Lottery with high quality

This category at Sodo currently offers two popular forms, mainly Keno & Vietnam Lottery. Each form is attractive not only in the content but also clearly in the bet rates and bonus payouts. All are made by the house in an open and transparent process to create attraction for participants.

For you to have the most overview of the house’s products, now immediately discover information about Keno and Vietnam Lottery as follows:

Unique Keno with many bets

Keno Online lottery Sodo6789 is a form of betting based on official lottery websites from Canada, China, Korea or Australia… The essence of the game is that 20 balls are randomly drawn out of a total of 80 marked balls. from 1 – 80. Unlike the traditional Lottery, Keno is held to spin continuously, returning results after only a few seconds to a few minutes.

The novelty, attractiveness gives players more excitement, conquest and convenience than ever before. When participating in Keno bets, members can choose from 7 popular bet types as follows:

  • Over – Under – Exact score
  • Over – Under – Draw
  • Even – Odd – Draw
  • Parity
  • Skewer – Small Odd – Even
  • Five Elements
  • Ngoc Cau

Online Lottery Sodo6789 Vietnam

This form is as diverse as the above Keno style when it includes 3 main forms:

  • Vietnam Lottery 3 minutes: Each period will have 180 seconds with 480 spins in the day, here there will be 27 sets of numbers drawn in each draw.
  • 1 minute Vietnam Lottery: Each draw has a duration of about 1 minute. Every day, there will be 1440 periods to be opened and 27 sets of numbers to be drawn each day.
  • Northern Vietnam Lottery: Similar to traditional lottery when getting results 1 time in a day at 6:30 am every day in the Northern radio area.

Although it is a traditional form, the Vietnam Lottery game at Sodo Casino has more innovation and improvement to avoid boredom and create a new attraction for you. The three types mentioned above all have the same 5 popular bet types as follows: 2D, 3D, 4D, PL2 and PL3. Each type of bet will also have a variety of different options.

Instructions for newcomers how to participate in Sodo6789 Online Lottery

The Lottery section at Sodo has many outstanding advantages that attract many players to participate in daily competitions. However, there will be many newbies surprised when they first set foot in this ideal entertainment destination. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to bet.

  • Step 1: Access the LINK to enter the house. Then you can register if you do not have an account or log in if you are already an official member.
  • Step 2: At the main menu, select the Lottery section located in the main section => The system navigates to the game lobby.
  • Step 3: Next, choose one of the two popular types of online Lottery Sodo6789 at the house, which is Keno or Vietnam Lottery.
  • Step 4: Select the best according to your needs => Research about possible outcomes => Create a basic bet ticket and wait for the system to announce the successful bet.
  • Step 5: After announcing the bet results, if you predict correctly, the Sodo house will pay the bonus immediately to the account.


The article gives specific information about the extremely hot Sodo6789 Online Lottery at the Sodo house. If you are a fan of arithmetic and love to predict the results every day, do not miss the opportunity to get rich here.