The Top 5 Australian Cities to Immigrate in 2022

It is not easy to make an immigration decision. You’ve made the right decision to move to Australia. This amazing country has many opportunities and offers a welcoming environment. Although the climate may be a bit surprising at times, Australia is a great place to settle down.

We have compiled a list with 5 cities that you should consider as your first choice for your immigration route. We are also highly skilled immigration lawyers from Parramatta, and can assist you in all paperwork and practical matters prior to your arrival in Australia.

1) Adelaide

This charming city of 1.3 million people is at the top of our ranking because it offers lower living costs and a more pleasant and convenient environment. A one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city costs $ 980 per month. However, a decent house, not on the coast, can be bought for $ 400,000 Adelaide has the feel of a large, friendly country town. It is relaxed and welcoming, but also full of life and work/relaxing possibilities.

Adelaide’s economy includes all major sectors, including manufacturing, services industries, education, and the public administration. Many economic sectors are looking for skilled immigrants. There are many educational institutions and vocational training opportunities available in this sector. The University of Adelaide is a well-known name worldwide, while colleges such as Bradford College offer programs that prepare international students for university.

The infrastructure for cars is in place and the public transport network is well-developed. Prices for goods and services are also moderate compared to big cities.

Adelaide is the best place to plan your immigration.

2) Brisbane

As the most desirable immigration destination, Brisbane is right behind Adelaide. The city is more friendly than Sydney, which has cold winters, or Melbourne, in terms of prices for accommodation and goods. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment a little further from the centre is $1,235. Although it is slightly higher than Adelaide, it is still quite affordable. You can also purchase land or large houses for a reasonable price if you live in the country.

This city of 2 million people is very comfortable and relaxed for solo and family living. Public transportation and infrastructure for cars are both excellent, but navigation can be tricky due to the fact that many roads are one-way.

The main economic sectors in Brisbane are manufacturing and tourism. For those who want to work, there will always be a job. There are many educational opportunities, including The University of Queensland and other schools.

Brisbane is a desirable location to live due to its low living costs, beautiful climate, and laid back lifestyle.

3) Hobart

Hobart is a great place to live and work. It’s also a good location for families looking to relocate. The rent for housing is reasonable, but utility bills are more expensive than other areas. It is a slow-moving city with a vibrant arts scene and endless food options. It’s a nice place to live with your family, and you can enjoy the beautiful Derwent river scenery.

Transport is mainly by buses and cars. The city plan is grid-like so it’s easy to get lost.

Hobart’s economy is described as being insulated. This is both a good and bad thing. It’s less susceptible to global economic crashes, which is a good thing. However, it doesn’t offer rapid growth opportunities. It is steady in its pace. It is very helpful that the Tasmanian Government Migration Unit can assist with employment. The State Migration Plan lists many positions in hospitality and construction. It’s easy to find a job.

There are many universities and vocational programs that assist migrants in their acclimatization and alignment with academic requirements.

Hobart is frequently cited as one the best cities for migrating because of all of these reasons.

4) Melbourne

Let’s now move on to the big cities that are Australia’s symbols. Although Melbourne is not as expensive as Sydney, it’s still quite costly to live there. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs will set you back around $1,237. The high cost of living is offset by the urban lifestyle with its bustling life and many creative and cultural opportunities. Melbourne is Australia’s cultural and sporting capital. There are many areas for people who love nature, sport and art. It also has a lot to offer for those who enjoy the country lifestyle. It has a more temperate climate than other areas of the country so visitors from warmer regions may choose to live here.

The accessibility and convenience of public transportation are well-developed. There are many job opportunities, including in engineering, finance, education and healthcare.

Melbourne’s education deserves its own article. There are many world-class universities in Melbourne, including the Monash University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. It is also well-known for its outstanding R&D opportunities. Migrants who are interested in engaging in research activities in the city should be aware of this.

Apart from the high prices, Melbourne is highly recommended as an immigrant destination.

5) Sydney

This iconic destination is known for its stunning, swan-like opera houses and it is also the most expensive in Australia. A one-bedroom apartment outside the city limits will cost you approximately $1,625 per monthly, which is quite expensive in comparison with big cities around the world. With a population of over 4.6 million people, Sydney is Australia’s largest city. It offers endless opportunities for students and workers alike. It’s culturally diverse and hosts many districts with different landscapes and key attractions. This allows everyone to experience the pace of light from dawn until dusk (and beyond).

Despite being criticized by locals, public transportation is still very efficient by most standards. You can drive if you prefer, but traffic jams may occur in some directions (West to Central BD, for instance).

Sydney’s economy is more efficient than Singapore’s and has a larger population. It covers knowledge-intensive areas such as IT, communications, R&D education, finance, and the creative industries. You won’t stay unemployed if you have the right skills.

It is easy to see the city’s academic appeal by its ranking as the 6th largest city in the world for the list of ‘best cities for students’.

The city is known for its cultural potential and the variety of entertainment and professional opportunities. It is worth it if you have money to spend on your first year in Australia.

These are the places to consider when moving to Australia. While there are smaller areas with lower prices, they are often far removed from civilization and lack vibrancy for immigrant families who are looking for work and education. Let us assist you in this major residential move.