The Top 3 Document Delivery Mistakes Businesses Make

More than five million people in the U.K. had a delivery lost or stolen in 2021 alone. That’s annoying when you’re shopping online, but if you’re shipping business documents, it can be an even bigger problem.

That’s why businesses need to be careful about their document deliveries.

So, if you’re concerned about how your past document deliveries have gone, what do you do? 

Read on to learn about the top document delivery mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Shipping Fast Enough

It’s important for documents to get to their intended destination in a timely manner. That’s especially important for time-sensitive issues, like legal matters or closing a business deal.

You may need to pay more for expedited shipping, but it’s worth it. Talk to your shipping provider and ask them what type of shipping they recommend for your needs.

If you’re shipping overseas, there may be more things to consider with your shipping. While documents are less likely to be subject to customs or other delays than goods, there could still be declarations or other paperwork you’re required to fill out. If those forms are missing or incomplete, it could cause further delays to your document delivery.

2. Using The Wrong Provider

You may simply be using the wrong document delivery service for your needs. They may not offer the services you require, or they may not have the staffing necessary in your location.

So, it might be necessary for you to look into other delivery options. Visit this courier service provider if you’re in need of same-day options.

3. Missing Information

When you’re shipping important documents, you need to have as much shipping information as possible to ensure it gets to its destination. If you don’t have the zip code or postal code for your recipient, make sure that you ask for it. 

This also applies to your shipping instructions. The courier needs as much information as possible. If you’re delivering to someone’s home, ensure you have their full address – including the apartment number. If the building has buzzers, try and get the buzzer instructions when possible. Or, it may be a building with a mail room – ensure that your courier knows that, too.

That’s especially true if you’re requiring a signature or receipt of delivery for your documents. A courier might have to come back again and again if the person you’re shipping to simply isn’t at the address you’ve provided. Ask your recipient what location is most convenient for them and what hours are best for the documents to be delivered. 

To ensure that your documents are delivered safely and efficiently, you can ask for package tracking and share that number with the recipient. That way, you’ll be on the same page. 

Document Delivery Mistakes: Now You Know

Now that you know these common document delivery mistakes, you won’t fall into the same traps.

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