The Things FedEx Will Do to Escape Responsibility in a Truck Accident

FedEx is responsible for ensuring that its drivers are driving safely and responsibly. They should not be using the excuse that they are only a delivery company and are not responsible for the truck driver’s actions. In the event of a truck accident, FedEx will do everything it can to distance itself from any responsibility. They will use the truck driver as a scapegoat and try to show that they do not have any control over what happens. 

This blog is about how FedEx will try to escape responsibility after a truck accident. One way they will do this is by blaming the truck driver for what happened, even though FedEx had full control over the situation. Different states in the country have different laws regarding accidents. For example, Atlanta has some specific rules for truck drivers that other states don’t. That is why it is best to choose a lawyer who knows the state laws. So, if you are based in Atlanta, it is best to hire Atlanta truck accident lawyers since they can help you in making this process smooth and guide you accordingly. Let’s take a look at the different excuses they can make.

FedEx Tries To Move the Goalposts After a Terrible Christmas Truck Crash

FedEx is a company that has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The company has had a long history of crashes, including two recent ones. The first happened in December 2017 when a FedEx truck crashed into a Fred Meyer store. The second happened on Christmas Eve when another FedEx truck crashed into a FedEx facility. 

FedEx is trying to escape responsibility for the truck crash on Christmas Eve. They have been trying to shift the goalposts and place the blame on the driver, who has already died. However, the driver was responsible for following all safety regulations and not driving too close to other vehicles. FedEx should be held accountable for its negligence in this situation.

FedEx Claims It’s Not Responsible for the Driver’s Actions

FedEx is a company that distances itself from its driver’s actions. FedEx has been claiming that they are not responsible for the driver’s actions and have a “zero tolerance policy” regarding these types of accidents. The company is trying to distance itself from the driver’s mistakes, but most people believe that FedEx should be held accountable for these accidents. Unfortunately, they have done this plenty of times, and if you are in a situation like this, there is a high chance that they might do the same. 

FedEx’s Defense That They’re Not Responsible for Driver Negligence Doesn’t Hold Up in Court

The case of Fred Meyer showed that FedEx couldn’t say they were not responsible for the driver’s negligence because this argument doesn’t hold up in court anymore. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and said that FedEx was responsible for the driver’s negligence.

The plaintiff, Fred Meyer, was driving down a highway when he collided with a FedEx truck. The court ruled that the company is liable for driver negligence. This means that they must pay damages to the victims of accidents caused by their drivers. This is what a lawyer can explain better, so try to get yourself a lawyer if you are stuck in a situation like this. 


In conclusion, FedEx will do anything to escape liability for an accident caused by one of its drivers. They will use any means necessary, including blaming the victim and claiming that the victim was at fault. The company is willing to go as far as to blame the victim for the driver’s mistakes to avoid responsibility.