The symbolism of the lion’s head ring

According to the times and the civilizations one granted to the feline different attributes but highly positive in the majority of the cases. In Chinese civilization, especially during the imperial period, this beast is considered a protector. The lion also appears many times in Jewish culture. He represents the tribe of Judah from which the Messiah is supposed to come. In the Christian religion, the title of lion of Judah is attributed to Jesus. In fact, the king of the beasts appears in many biblical accounts, such as in the book of Daniel. The lion is described as the king of animals and it is not uncommon for the proud animal to have been depicted on the coats of arms of various nations. Personifying strength and courage, he dominates and directs. Choosing a lion’s head ring is to put on these qualities.

When you walk around with your lion head ring, it will instantly release your charisma and your majestic allure. Whether you are a man or a woman, no one will be immune to your magnetism. In Japan, lions are protective spirits called “” shisa “”.

The different types of lion head ringsThe lion head ring is very fashionable these days, but you would like to find the one that best suits your personality.

the lion’s head signet ring: you will be able to discover magnificent and original models from your jeweler. Some are the result of the work of different brands or great designers. Although a majority of men are more inclined to wear a signet ring of this type, many sigillary rings fit perfectly on female fingers. If you are passionate about coats of arms, know that there are also many lion head signet rings with a heraldic theme.

the crowned lion’s head ring: on this type of ring, the emphasis is on the kingship of the animal. The powerful felid is represented there with a splendid crown. Very imposing, it will strengthen the element of authority and power already present in you.

the roaring lion head ring: nothing is more impressive than witnessing the roar of the king of the jungle. The lion imposes it by its power and its enemies are dispersed instantly. Like this magnificent animal with a shining mane, you will boldly dominate hostile environments and emerge victorious.

the lion of Judah ring: the lion of Judah is a strong emblem for Jews and Christians. In Judaism, it refers to the tribe of Judah. From this influential tribe come the kings of Israel including King David. Christians refer to Jesus, who was a direct descendant of King David, as the lion of Judah. Interestingly, the Lion of Judah also appears on the flag of Ethiopia. This ring will be suitable in particular for people anchored in a strong spirituality.

the lioness head ring: add a touch of femininity to your ring by adopting a lioness head gem. It will give off both boldness and finesse of character. Other lion head designs are cut more delicately, instilling a more subtle and all the more elegant appearance.

the lion’s head ring with a large mane: these magnificent jewels reflect the majesty and vitality of the intrepid beast. By wearing this lion with abundant and flamboyant hair, you will demonstrate your uniqueness to those around you.

the lion’s head ring in the gypsy tradition: this very original jewel will give you the relaxed and free style of the nomad. You will reflect the image of this proud and indomitable lion who, moreover, inspired the Cameroonian football team called “” the indomitable lions “”.

• the Japanese lion’s head ring: it bears the effigy of the “” shisa “”, the protective entities of Okinawa. The male is shown with its gaping mouth, while the lioness’s teeth are not visible.

The lion’s head ring: how to wear it?

We are not always aware of it, but depending on the culture, wearing a lion’s head ring on a particular finger is not always trivial. In order to avoid misunderstandings or problems, be sure to inform yourself well.

Usually, when someone puts a ring on their thumb, it indicates their relationship with the gay community. If you are heterosexual and would like to avoid any ambiguity, put your ring on another finger. In addition, if you are part of the gay community, be aware that homosexuality is strongly condemned in some countries. It would therefore be unwise to openly display your sexual orientation. But now as the lgbtq+ flag shows pride and the lion ring itself is a symbol of pride so it is relative. According to some popular beliefs, a ring worn on the thumb greatly stimulates your cerebral side.

Many men wear this gem on their ring finger. If you are more of a circumspect temperament, it is recommended to wear your lion’s head ring on the ring finger or on the little finger. On the other hand, if you are a tad provocative, the middle finger is fine. If you have a champion’s soul, put your gem on the index finger, because it is the finger of those who command with authority.

As far as women are concerned, there is a very specific codification to make those around her understand whether or not she is available to enter into a relationship when she is the holder of a signet ring. When the engraving is oriented in the direction of the nail (in hand-kissing), it is an implicit message of his celibacy. If, on the contrary, the engraving is in the direction of the one who wears it (in battle), the person in question is engaged in a couple relationship.

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