Being social is a healthy way of living! Why? Because, once you interact with other people, you are somehow relieving your stress, and thus, your mind is getting refreshed. It has been found out that revealing about your bad times helped people to overcome depression issues.

With the advent of the internet, many new possibilities have opened for people. To search for something is now at your fingertips. With it came a new era of social media. Now, what is social media? It is a big platform connecting every corner of this world, where people can communicate, share ideas and learn new things; A virtual get-together sort of. Even those who struggle to talk directly face to face are well blessed to have such platforms with them. Now for those who think that social media is all about chatting and wasting time, it is a word to note that it is definitely about chatting, but there’s more to it. Below are the summarised points of why we should choose social media as a great platform and not just a fish market:

1. A platform of getting to know people and letting them know you

This is a very beneficial way of increasing one’s business. Online marketing is the new talk in town. Again with the current pandemic situation, many sellers have chosen online marketing to sell their products, which helped them get customers from remote areas. 

2. Cannot go out shopping? Well, the market is always at your doorstep.

In line with the above point, the online platform provided selling and buying of just clothes, accessories, or anything of that kind and fresh groceries, veggies, and meat. 

3. Visiting others 

It is common for anyone to frequently meet people of their interest. Online chatting and video calling understand this dilemma of not meeting a person for a long time.

4. Job opportunities

We can get information about only one or two decent jobs via people or maybe from friends. On the other hand, an online platform provides information about many and different job opportunities to match one’s interest. Also, it provides information about different career courses a person can take to enrich their knowledge and skill.

Different online platforms are available to abide by the points mentioned above; not one or two or twenty but many more. Also, many sites have been added recently. Some of the common ones are Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linked In, Telegram, Skype, Instagram, etc. Each social platform is different and equally enjoyable. And what’s even more remarkable is that a good post of yours can even make you a star. In this context, there is one more term about all the above is the number of followers. Even though this count will depend upon the quality and frequency of one’s post, sometimes, to attract more followers, people buy followers. For example, some people choose to buy the best Twitter followers, buy real Twitter followers, while some people buy Instagram followers and many like that. One thing must be kept in mind: one should always buy followers from the certified website because these websites provide real followers and have advantages over other websites.