The Smart Way to Power the Next RV or Camping Adventure

The year 2023 is here, have you made your travel plans? Have you decided to go on a road trip, a caravan trip or a camping trip. If you (your family) are environmentally conscious and looking for fresh air on the road, a portable solar panel is the perfect travel companion.

The advantages of Sungold Hi-Power series portable solar panel

SUNGOLD’s portable solar panels provide more reliable, safer and cleaner energy when and where you need it most – perfect for camping, caravanning and off-grid living, powering the whole family and as an emergency back-up. All you need is a sunny or cloudy day and you can use the solar panel to power your equipment.

Convenient and clean

Solar panels pay for themselves by introducing free energy. Solar energy is known to be a renewable energy source and does not cause any pollution to the environment. When you use solar panels to generate electricity, the whole process produces no air pollution or noise pollution.

Portable and lightweight

The Hi-Power series solar panel is a foldable design for easy storage and storage. This solar panel comes with a rubber grip for easy portability. 400W portable solar panel weighs only 12.6kg, so light that it can even float on water. It is also IP67 rated and water resistant.


Off-grid independence

This 400W portable solar panel is ideally suited to portable power stations. When there is no power outlet nearby and the portable power station has no electricity. You can then unfold the solar panel, face it towards the sun and link the panel to the portable power station. Next you can power up your equipment. With sufficient power security, you can go wherever you want, even if there is no electricity.

Versatile use

When you go on a trip or camping trip, you can take the solar panels with you. In addition to this, you can also use the solar panel at home. You can place the solar panel on the ground while you relax in your garden or yard and then power your equipment. If you live in a flat or a high residential building, you can also place the panel on your balcony, which is very convenient.

Special features of the Hi-Power series

Due to the difference in cell welding technology, the Hi-Power series is available as mono solar panels and shingled solar panels. Mono-crystalline solar panels use conventional welding technology. Shingled-cell solar panels, on the other hand, use shingled welding technology. So what does shingled welding technology do for PV modules?

The shingled process eliminates cell spacing by interlacing small cells. So for the same module area, shingled solar panels can have a higher output, which directly leads to an increase in the module’s power.

Shingled welding technology can also effectively reduce power loss and hot spot problems caused by shading. Due to the higher number of strings in a shingled module, shading can effectively reduce power loss and hot spot problems caused by shading when it occurs.

The bottom line

Because of different needs, you can choose different sizes of solar panels. For example, if you just want to climb a mountain or go for a hike, then a small solar panel can be your charger to charge your mobile phone or GPS unit. 

If you have a car or want to go on a long trip, you may want to consider a solar panel with a high power output. The higher the power, the larger the size of the solar panel and the more electricity it will produce, then more devices can be powered. Like portable refrigerators, ventilators, fans, etc.

If you want to have an environmentally friendly and enjoyable trip, consider purchasing a portable solar panel.Contact SUNGOLD for a more professional solar panel purchase plan.