The Safety Features of the New Isuzu D-Max

The latest Isuzu D-Max launched in the Australian market in the middle of 2020, and in terms of safety, Isuzu has moved in the right direction with the new variants.

The ute offers plenty of valuable safety features that are standard across all models.

Let’s discuss these safety features in some detail to give you a better idea of why the new Isuzu D-Max is one of the safest utes in the Australian market.

The Safety Features of the New Isuzu D-Max

The new Isuzu D-Max has been tested by ANCAP and earned a five-star rating. The overall safety is an improvement from the previous model, and the following are the safety features that are standard across all variants of the new model.

  • Eight Airbags

Eight airbags are standard across all models and they include a central airbag which is a first for any ute.

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking

The compact pickup can automatically sense the front collision and activate emergency braking without any driver input.

  • Forward Collision Warning

The ute will alert you with a warning sound and a red warning light in the dashboard if it detects an obstacle in your path as you drive. An excellent safety feature to keep you alert of any potential forward collisions.

  • Blind-Spot Monitoring

The side mirror notifies you of any approaching vehicles that are in the blind spot, avoiding any collisions while changing lanes or taking turns.

  • Driver Attention Monitoring

The Ute can detect if the driver is steering in an unsafe manner and activate attention assist to keep the driver alert till they can stop and take a break.

  • Traffic Sign Recognition

The D-Max can detect traffic signs and display them in your information display. 

  • Turn Assist

When you turn your D-Max it can detect any potential collisions and automatically apply emergency brakes to avoid them.

  • Lane-Departure Warning

The ute will detect if you are about to drift and depart from your current lane and warn you to adjust the D-Max back into your lane.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

The D-Max will monitor approaching vehicles and alert you when you are reversing from your driveway or a parking space.

  • Automatic High-Beam

The compact pickup will detect oncoming traffic and automatically turn the high beam off or on as required to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

  • Reversing Camera

A standard feature for all models that allows enhanced clarity when you reverse your D-Max.

Standard Safety Features in Automatic Models

Automatic variants of the new Isuzu D-Max come with the following additional safety features as standard.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control that will detect slower vehicles around you and automatically adapt your speed to match. Once speeds are slowed as needed, the D-Max will speed up to the previously set speed of your cruise control.

  • Lane Keep Assist

The lane keep assist will detect lane markings and assist in keeping your D-Max in its current lane while the adaptive cruise control is switched on.

  • Wrong-Pedal Acceleration Warning

When you are in slow traffic areas like a car park, the cameras will determine if you have accidentally applied the accelerator and warn you. If a potential collision is detected because of wrong-pedal acceleration, the ute will automatically apply the brakes to prevent an accident.


These safety features account for many possible hazards on the road and can help prevent minor and major accidents. Not only do they make the new Isuzu D-Max one of the safest utes but also one of the safest vehicles in the Australian market.