The Rising Popularity of Gel Ball Blasters in the US

Known in other parts of the world as paintballing, teaming up with your buddies and taking on other players in a real-time gel ball blasting war is a great way to spend the day. State-of-the-art guns fire a rapid succession of accurate gel balls that splatter on impact with a satisfying thud! This is the next generation after paintball, which proved messy, whereas the gel is easily removed, and most importantly, it is clear to see a hit.

Special gel ammunition

Polymer water beads that are super absorbent come in a range of colors to avoid confusion when in a firefight. Diameter ranges from 6-8 mm and the players (gelballers) can plan strategies, with 6-8 players per team with the right arena. For the best selection of gel ball blasters in the US, check out TacToys who have everything you need, and some! The ammo needs to be soaked in water a few hours before play.

Gas powered weapons

The gel delivery systems are gas-powered, ensuring a fast gel ball feed at all times; a single-shot switch changes from multiple (5 shots per second), while laser sighting is also available if you take your gelballing seriously, and why not? This is as real as it gets, with everything on you and your team.

Gel grenades

Yup, grenades and mines have found their way into the game, throw a gel grenade and you can hit multiple players, while you can also place gel mines to disable vehicles. Wild colors ensure multiple teams can engage at once. If you get hit, everyone knows who gets the mark up. Teams tend to keep their color, which makes scoring easier.


Like most crazy stuff, gelballing originated in a Los Angeles suburb, with paintballers who wanted to improve the state of play. The game is sweeping across the US and there will be a gelballing venue near you, if not, coming soon!

If you want to check out the best gel ball blasters available today, Google will take you to the number 1 site where you can order a weapon that suits your style of play. Introduce gelballing to your friends and make up a team to play other teams; just like real war, your life depends on your buddies when in a firefight.