The rise of hybrid lashes

When it comes to hybrid eyelashes, people often think about a type of eyelash extension that helps the eyelashes look longer and thicker like Hollywood stars. It is a perfect combination between classic and volume eyelash extensions, the top choice of beauty believers and constantly evolving.

The rise of hybrid lashes

In today’s beauty trend, hybrid lashes are still increasingly flexible in developing and growing various eyelash extensions. As mentioned above, the name hybrid lashes come from the harmonious combination of classic and volume eyelash extension techniques. This brings overall harmony to the eyes and creates highlights, adding charm and eye-catching to the owner.

Overcome the flaws of natural lashes ideally:

Hybrid lashes are a type of extension that can overcome all imperfections by taking advantage of both volume and classic lashing techniques. It means you will have thicker, fuller, but not too harsh lashes, thanks to volume lashes. Besides, the thin, short lashes also become softer and curler, making the eyes more open thanks to the classic style. Depending on the ratio of classic and volume, you can get different results such as:

If the ratio of the classic: volume is 70: 30, the result you get is soft, gentle eyelashes, suitable for clients who like simplicity and delicate but eye-catching enough.

And if, on the contrary, this ratio is 30:70, you will have an impressive, sharp, and outstanding set of thick eyelashes.

However, in reality, you will also meet cases where the ratio of two eyelash extension techniques changes like 50% classic and 50% volume to match the client’s natural lashes.

Because hybrid lashes are the only type of eyelash extension today with flexibility in the ratio of 2 basic lashing techniques, it helps technicians to be completely proactive in applying them to clients’ natural lashes.

The variety of styles in hybrid lashes:

This is a section for skillful technicians who love to create unique eyelash extensions. However, if you are a newbie or inexperienced, this knowledge helps you to grasp new eyelash extension styles.

The first is the combination with Wispy lashes: As an impressive eyelash style used frequently by celebrity artists, hybrid wispy lashes combine the interlacing of soft classic lashes with a length of 8-12mm as a base and lash fans of volume from 2D to 6D to make the lashes thicker and more attractive. Clients who use this type of eyelashes often want to bring a new, unique look and be the center of all eyes.

Next is cat-eye style: It is considered a trendy eyelash extension style and never goes out of fashion. Applying hybrid lashes to this style will help the set of lashes not only prolong to the outer part of the eyes but also the overall lashes will have interesting highlights with lash fans. This combination helps eyes have depth, more attractive than normal cat eyes. However, please note that you should use classic lashes for the outer corner to avoid causing a heavy look or failing natural eyelashes.

Finally, the doll eyes style: This style helps small eyes, monolids or drooping eyelids, etc., become big and round and release positive energy. When using hybrid lashes in this style, the recommended ratio is 60% classic and 40% volume. The longest lashes will be in the center of the eye, then gradually decrease in length towards the end of the eyes. Trust me, this type of eyelash extension will never make your clients disappointed!

Notes when performing hybrid lashes:

It is a beautiful type of eyelash extension, but to achieve the optimal effect when performing it, you also need to note the following points.

– Select the appropriate volume and classic ratio. This depends on the condition of the client’s natural eyelashes and the style you aim for.

– Choose the suitable eyelash material. As a type of combination eyelash extension, hybrid lashes favour lashes with ultra-light, smooth and durable materials. And synthetic mink eyelashes are a top choice, provided you buy from reputable sellers.

– Premade fans should always be in your stock. These lashes are very useful when you are a new technician since it saves you a lot of time compared to making handmade fans, saving costs, and you can be assured of their uniformity when applying them to clients’ natural lashes.

– To have a beautiful and long-lasting set of lashes, don’t forget to instruct your clients on proper eyelash care techniques after treatment.

With the development of the current eyelash extension industry, we firmly believe that hybrid lashes will still be the favourite type of eyelash extension. Therefore, equip yourself with the knowledge and skills and practice it regularly not to miss the opportunity to get more clients and develop your career. And stay tuned for our next articles.