The Regulations of Battery Safety in Vapes

Vaping is an inclination among Australia’s youth. The number of vapers has doubled over the past five years, and as of 2020, reports show over 520,000 people take pleasure in vaping. Quality vaping brands like innokin offer numerous vaping devices in different types, shapes, sizes, colours and flavours to provide to the needs of all users.

Vape batteries consist of powerful cells, as they are made from lithium-ion chemistries. Hence they require careful handling. As it is an electronic device that involves heating, there is a risk of malfunctions, fires or explosions if not maintained well. Keeping this in mind, the seasoned and new vapers must have a rudimentary understanding of what they should and shouldn’t do to ensure battery safety.

Buy a Good Quality Vaping Device

A vaping device from manufacturers like innokin reduces the risk of fires, explosions and heating issues. One must also ensure that the battery is intact and check if the wraps are on perfectly.

Research Before Investment

Many seasoned vapers like to buy their customised battery to satisfy their vaping needs. Therefore, those who have purchased a vaporiser without a built-in battery or want to invest in their standalone vape mods must buy high quality, rechargeable batteries from reputed brands to ensure longevity and avoid accidents. Smart chargers with safety features to prevent overcharging and explosions are also available in the market.

Use a Case to Transport the Device and the Battery

It is crucial to carry the Innokin or other vaping device and the extra batteries in a case and not leave them loose in one’s pockets or bags. If they come in contact with other metal objects like keys, coins or other batteries, there is a chance of a hazardous explosion. It occurs if their interaction completes the positive-negative circuit. Battery cases are compact, and they come in a variety of designs and materials to help with an easy commute.

Store Them in the Right Weather Condition

Fluctuating extreme temperatures can damage the vaping battery, sometimes leading to explosions. Most people living in Australia would have to consider the heat during summers and store their batteries in cooler spots between 50-to-115-degree Fahrenheit, where they are the safest.

Use the Appropriate Batteries and Charging Cable

When picking up batteries for the vape mod, one must check the specifications. Some chargers are meant for low wattage vaping, while others are for sub-ohm vaping. Using the charger of a different vaping device to charge one’s own can cause problems due to variations in voltage. The other charger might supply electricity at a higher voltage than the battery and cause it to overheat.

Never Leave the Charging Batteries Unattended

When using a battery charger, leaving it on and unattended is never a good idea, especially overnight. Battery failures, although rare now, are not unheard of among electronic device chargers. While charging the vape batteries, one must monitor them and place them in a case after use.

Use Married Vape Batteries

While using a vaping mod that requires more than one battery, one must always use the batteries of the same capacity and from the same company to ensure safe practice. Using married batteries enable the same number of charges and discharges and settle any imbalances. It also helps optimise the capacity and performance of the vaping device.

Replace Old Devices and Batteries

Batteries have a set number of charge/discharge cycles that can work in the best condition. Lithium-ion batteries lose their strength and capacity when used over a long period. One must observe the discharge time of the batteries and replace them if they notice any issue.