The Pros and Cons of Piloting a Drone

If you had heard a peculiar, buzzing noise hovering over your head five years ago, you would have probably had chills run down your spine. But thanks to drone technology and drone rental, you can rest easy knowing that it is just a UAV over you.

Now, if you hear the same sound, you would probably shoot a glance to the sky to get a peek at the drone above you. Needless to say, drones are all the rage right now, and they are here to stay. 

But before you pick up a drone yourself, make sure to read through this feature to outweigh the pros and cons of handling a drone.

Pros Vs Cons of Piloting a Drone

Before you decide to visit a drone rental agency to pick up your drone, make sure to properly understand its pros and cons and debate the purpose of piloting. 

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Listed below are the top pros and cons to help you make your decision!

The Pros

You Get Quality Aerial Imaging

If you are in the cinematography industry, you already know how useful drones are to get that perfect aerial shot. 

Research shows that the global drone market for cinematography is expected to hit one billion U.S. dollars by 2030! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that drones are the best tools to get high-quality videos and images.

Drones are great for taking high-quality, high-resolution, aerial pictures and video and collecting extensive amounts of imaging data.

You Get Maximum Precision

UAVs like drones are mostly operated with a remote or with a smartphone app from a remote location. However, they can still find their way to the desired location thanks to the precise GPS.

You Can Easily Deploy Them

Thanks to the popularity of drones today, drone technology has improved drastically, which allows you to deploy and operate them even if you have little to no experience!

However, if you are still sceptical about your skills, you can opt for a relatively low-cost drone to practice first. They are also effortless to operate and great for flying and navigating in multiple directions.

They Offer Stellar Security

Yet another bonus you get by using drones is stellar security. Sure, cameras do an excellent job of scoping the streets nearby, but you get an aerial vision of the entire neighbourhood with drones.

This is a handy feature during public gatherings and other massive events.

The Cons 

You Need Proper Registration

The use of drones and other UAVs are relatively new and is still striving to catch up. Therefore, you cannot use these devices in all locations without a proper license and registration. 

Moreover, the FAA has established rules that apply to such crewless aircraft for both recreational and commercial use. 

Furthermore, these rules on aerial trespassing differ from state to state, adding to the already existing confusion and conflict.

You Have to Ensure Safety

At first, you might think that piloting a drone comes with very minimal safety. However, this is often far from the actual truth because mid-air collisions and accidents frequently happen with drones.

You need to fly your drone in a less populated area away from large crowds to avoid this.

You May Be Trespassing People’s Privacy

Piloting a drone involves flying it over various houses and neighbourhoods. This creates fear among people, which leads them to believe that their privacy is in jeopardy.

The only way to stop creating suspicion in your neighbourhood is to pilot your drone away from the city.


Just like every other innovative technological advancement that has popped up in the past, drones and UAVs also come with certain boons and banes. 

If you wish to fly a drone in the sky, make sure to get a drone from a trustworthy drone rental and follow all the rules down to the T. This way, you can have a pleasant aerial experience while also steering clear of trouble.