Every product has its origin, but there are few products with backgrounds as interesting as natural stone bathtubs. A stone bathtub can be made in a few places in the world, however, it is often admitted that the ones coming from Indonesia are the most diverse and solid.

Indonesian basalt stone bathtub

Every tub of this kind was once a microscopic lava stream fracture. A boulder’s formation over millions of years led to its eventual transformation into a priceless stone bathtub. There is no better option than a bathtub made of river stone if you choose to install one outside.One of the best features of a natural stone bathtub is the heat absorption. Unlike conventional bathtubs or concrete bathtubs, River Stone Rock absorbs the heat of the water, keeping the water at a suitable temperature for a considerably longer period of time. Not to mention the effect it gives for room aesthetics, which makes every bath distinctive and leaves every visitor or user astounded.Stone bathtub is a product that many people perceive as luxurious, out of their reach, almost intangible. In reality however, nowadays anyone can get such a tub thanks to the popularity this type of bathroom equipment gained in the last few years. There are lots of suppliers in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa or Oceania. It is really not an issue to purchase a stone bathtub right now if you only want to.Although it is not a problem to install a marble or basalt bathtub in the garden or any exterior area, it may be a challenge in an interior, especially if one is placed on a higher level. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible, and with the right installation crew the installation process of a stone bathtub will not be difficult. Most of the floors in buildings can withstand the weight of stone bathtubs, however, it always needs to be consulted before the purchase.Architects and designers from all over the world greatly appreciate these products and choose them more and more often. That is an indication that these bathtubs really do the job. Anyone can join the club of happy stone bathtub owners, however, it is always a good idea to reach out to the professionals and plan the installation ahead. That should leave you with a pleasant experience only followed by very pleasant baths.More about stone bathtubs here.