The most important metrics in social media marketing

The planning of a marketing strategy, for most companies, represents a crucial moment in which goals are defined for the short, medium and long term, and in which they try to organize in a coherent way all those contents that will be in charge of expressing the personality of the brand, its most authentic essence. 

For the past few years, this kind of content has been going mostly on social media, the new platforms for online communication that have already turned our lives upside down, also heavily conditioning the development of any company’s communication strategies. Despite the fact that they are under our noses all day long, social media still represent a mysterious object for a great many companies, which continue to regard them with skepticism, mockery, if not open and obvious disapproval. 

These companies certainly represent a minority, and in all likelihood they will disappear altogether within a few years. Their presence, however, can be useful in reminding professionals and businesses what mistakes to avoid while drafting a communication plan or a content marketing strategy, with the aim of definitively overcoming product-centric communication logics (which for more traditional companies would be the only ones worthy of consideration) and trespassing into the still partially unexplored territory of modern communication.  

The role of social media 

Even the most skeptical executive will not be able to ignore the role of social media forever, because sooner or later it will impose itself on his attention in completely uncontrollable ways. When he then finds himself in the inevitable condition of having to implement a social media marketing plan, he will in all likelihood make mistakes related to substantial disinterest in the subject, but also to a certain kind of superficiality that often manifests itself even in well-intentioned executives who firmly believe in the power of social media to transform the face and reputation of a company. 

One of the mistakes that is repeated very often, even by experienced, knowledgeable executives who are interested in digital news, is to believe that the only reliable metrics, for evaluating the effectiveness of a social media campaign, are the most basic ones, i.e., the number of likes or followers, the amount of comments or shares received by a post, and so on. 

Vanity metrics 

All these metrics will not help the company measure the real effectiveness of a campaign, or rather, they will only partially succeed. Winning a certain number of likes or shares, for a post or publication that has appeared on the company’s channels, represents a small success for which one should certainly be proud, but it should never be a sure indicator of a campaign’s success. 

Rather, companies should monitor the number of leads that can be obtained from a single campaign and then turn them into the recipients of highly personalized communication campaigns, perhaps via email. Another factor to be taken into account is certainly the conversions obtained as a result of the campaign, and found mainly in the number of sales or sign-up for a certain type of service. 

The presence of any referral links on external sites is also a good indicator of the success of a given social media campaign, and especially of the penetrative capacity of the messages spread on the company’s social channels. 

These results, in most cases, can be achieved through skillful management of the online platforms available to the company, including any blogs or websites. The latter, in the age of social media, still represent one of the most decisive virtual spaces ever for the destinies of brands, since they represent both an end point and a fundamental sorting platform to other equally important online spaces, such as e-commerce or the corporate blog. More than a trivial landing page, websites still represent the true calling card of every company. 

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Quality content serves not only to generate likes or retweets, but also to instill extremely intense feelings in consumers’ minds that they will never forget. 

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