The minimalist style for bathroom

Bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style knows minimalist style implies a high degree of utility in the room. A limited number of furnishings combined with functionality is a clear sign of minimalism in the bathroom’s interior. The geometric simplicity of outlines, the absence of decorative elements, and the museum orders testify to the reigning spirit of minimalism. How to decorate the bathroom’s interior in full accordance with the chosen style, the information provided will help. 


When planning the bathroom design, all facets of the interior design of the room are considered. The texture and color scheme of finishing materials, functional pieces of 24 inch bathroom vanity or 36 inch bathroom vanity and sanitary ware, the choice of decor details – all the smallest nuances matter. Traditionally, in the chosen style, two primary colors are used in the design of the bathroom, and the presence of a third shade is allowed as a small addition. Expensive simplicity is a sublimated concept of the chosen style for the bathroom. Surface cladding is carried out using natural stone and tiles. Simple painting is also applicable. This method of wall decoration corresponds to the principles of minimalism. Depending on the complexity of the installation of facing materials, the interior can be designed in a short time and with a small estimate. A significant item of expenditure falls on furniture and plumbing. The characteristic features of the bathroom’s interior in the style of minimalism are as follows: The functionality of all the furnishings present. The choice of color palette is limited to 2-3 shades. Lack of impractical decorative elements. Ergonomic space. Carefully thought-out lighting concept. Competent organization of space is an integral part of interior design. In a spacious bathroom, a delimitation of functional areas is used.

Achieve the goal by combining two colors in the decoration of the walls, but without excessive contrasts. In the interior of minimalism, restraint is always shown. Advice! Also, you can prefer Vanity Units to make your bathroom more luxurious. The presence of mirrors helps to add depth to the bathroom. The concept of light fluxes deserves special attention. Traditionally, in the bathroom’s interior, the perimeter of the ceiling is equipped with spotlights. Turning spots will provide an average illumination level; lighting fixtures are installed near the sink, bath, or shower in the most sought-after places. The interior of a small-sized bathroom looks extremely advantageous when an atmosphere of minimalism reigns in it. The presence of only practical furnishings of a laconic form gives the room style and sophistication. 


Let us consider in detail what texture and color saturation are suitable for finishing a clean room’s surfaces. 


Budget option – ceramic tiles. If there are free funds, the design with self-leveling floors is relevant. Both light and dark solutions are suitable for color, subject to free space. In small rooms, preference is given to light cladding. 


There are several acceptable solutions for the interior minimalism in the design of walls: ceramic tiles; plaster in areas not in contact with water; plastic panels; staining with moisture-resistant paint; other high-tech facing materials. The leader in the style of minimalism is white and gray. With this combination, small blotches of black are acceptable. A cold blue tint is suitable. Then dark blue will become an addiction. When chosen as the main warm beige, a dark brown plinth looks harmonious in the bathroom’s interior. 


Ceiling decoration material depends on the repair estimate. Small bathrooms are painted with moisture-resistant paint. Spacious rooms in the style of minimalism are organic with stretch fabrics. Comment! If the room is high, it can use two-tier suspended structures. In addition to white, the ceiling can maintain the unity of the shade with the walls, that is, be gray or light blue. The luminous flux also matters. The interior of a small bathroom is preferably designed using cold light; sources with warm lighting or a combined version are suitable for a large room. 

Vivid examples of minimalism in the interior in the photo below: STYLE FEATURES Returning to the issue of choosing a color when decorating the bathroom walls, it is worth noting the possibility of using other tones. Purple, light green, and even red have a right to exist. Preference is given to a gray tint due to its susceptibility to light. If you do not want to get a distortion of light fluxes, they turn to white. These tones emphasize the conciseness of minimalism as much as possible, but experimenting with other shades is allowed. The main thing is to follow the principle of limiting the number of colors chosen for the interior of minimalism. Also, you can prefer Toilet Cubicles that give your bathroom a new look.


Adequately selected furniture in the bathroom’s interior helps follow the principles of minimalism. Strict geometric lines are combined with high-tech finishes. Glass and mirror surfaces look extremely impressive in the bathroom’s interior. With a limited budget, plastic will come to the rescue. A practical solution for a minimalist bathroom is to use built-in furniture that blends in with the walls. This technique visually increases the space and does not cause a feeling of clutter. Facing the facades in a single color scheme with the walls will help achieve this goal. Glass and mirror in the bathroom furniture is another practical solution for a minimalist interior. Glass transmits light, forming ghostly weightlessness of objects. The mirror reflects things and contributes to the visual expansion of the area of the room. Comment! The mirror surface of the furniture is a refined luxury and the possibility of modeling spatial volume. Just imagine how original the bath will look in the interior, the side of which is trimmed with a mirror sheet. A separate bathroom is an acceptable solution for a clean room in a minimalist style. In this case, the bathroom furnishing contains Directly a bathtub with closed sides. Depending on preferences, the container is replaced with a shower cabin. A sink for washing, preferably with a cabinet. Sealed cabinet with a mirror facade for storing bath accessories. The toilet has a bowl, a bidet, and a wardrobe for small household items.


The minimalism style implies the absence of objects that do not carry a functional load. Therefore, a picture or a flower in the bathroom’s interior is scarce. A TV panel can dilute a monochrome palette and a laconic setting. The fundamental difference between minimalism and hi-tech is the attitude towards high-tech innovations. In a high-tech interior, the presence of these items is considered a key selection criterion. In minimalism, it is welcome but not necessary. High-quality lighting is an essential component of the bathroom interior. This refers to the abundance of light streams. In addition to spotlights on the ceiling, additional sources are required near the mirrors and in the shower. Attention! When shaping the interior, it is essential to balance simplicity and functionality. Of course, the concrete floor and painted walls are minimalist. However, still, signs of wealth and quality of the materials present are welcome. An ascetic bathroom is suitable for people with a restrained temperament and a rational lifestyle. For them, functional items with simple lines are a practical way to keep the room clean without spending a lot of time maintaining it. 

New Bathroom Style designers’ recommendations will help to cope with choosing sanitary ware for the bathroom interior, where the atmosphere of minimalism is at the forefront. Selection criteria: Strict geometry of objects. But this does not mean the predominance of sharp corners. Streamlined shapes are especially organic in a small bathroom and suitable for spacious rooms decorated in a minimalist style. Suspended models of toilets and bidets are characterized by particular compactness. Adherents of minimalism highly value ease of care. A shower cabin is more in line with the principles of rationalism than a comfortable bath bowl.

Moreover, this choice meets the need to conserve water resources. The bathroom’s interior is filled with chrome accessories with a reflective surface. The laconic design of high-tech novelties helps to emphasize the unity of the content and the restraint of the minimalist style. 

Vivid examples of original sanitary ware for bathroom interiors are shown in the photos: SECRET OF SUCCESS When choosing a particular finishing material or piece of furniture, they must be guided by the principles of functionality. A faucet with a heated towel rail or a shower cabin capable of performing the functions of an infrared sauna is a topical item for a minimalist interior. 

To be satisfied with the result of the design of the bathroom, five components are taken into account: The simple geometry of the forms should form a harmonious environment in the bathroom. Well-thought-out lighting and suitable color design of surfaces emphasize all the advantages of the bathroom interior. Preference in cladding is given to Glass, stone, and metal. It is better to replace the bathtub with a shower cabin. The absence of accessories and decorative elements that do not carry practical benefits. Compliance with the proposed principles will be the key to successful interior design. Owners of small bathrooms should pay special attention to the proposed style.