The low down on flat and fitted bed sheets

Purchasing bed sheets may not be as straight forward as you may think, with so many factors to consider. Are you looking for fitted bed sheets or flat bed sheets? Will fitted bed sheets fit all mattress types? Prices vary according to the type of fabric that the bed sheet is made out of, but how do you know which one is best for you? What colours should you choose to match your bed linen? Should you use both flat and fitted bed sheets on your bed? Don;t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Fitted bed sheets verse flat bed sheets

Bed sheets come in both fitted and flat sheet options. A fitted bed sheet usually has an elastic on the edges making it easy to slip under the corners of your mattress. A flat sheet on the other hand is just a flat piece of fabric that needs to be folded and tucked under the corners of your mattress. While fitted bed sheets are easier to use over flat bed sheets, bear in mind that it is harder to fold a fitted bed sheet than a flat sheet (a quick Youtube search will show you tons of videos of users who share tips and tricks on how to do it). Hotels and guesthouses usually use flat bed sheets. We all know someone who gets frustrated with how tight the sheets are tucked under the mattress at hotels and guest houses.

Will fitted bed sheets fit all mattress types?

The simple answer is no. Standard sized fitted bed sheets will only fit standard size mattresses. So if you have a mattress that has extra depth or extra width, be sure to look for extra depth, extra width fitted bed sheets or it will tear.

Choosing the right type of fabric for your bed sheets

Bed sheets don’t only come in a variety of colours, they come in a variety of fabric types too. These range from cheaper options such as soft touch microfibre to poly cotton, percale, 100% cotton and Egyptian cotton. Understanding the different flat and fitted bed sheet fabric types will help you in choosing the right option for you. 

Mixing and matching colours

When selecting colours for your flat or fitted bed sheets, identify the main colours on the duvet cover, quilt set, comforter set. It would be best to try and find an exact match of one of those colours. Remember if you are going to be using extra pillows on your bed, to match the pillowcases of those pillows to your bed sheet. You don’t want to be going with too many colours.

Should you use both flat and fitted bed sheets on your bed?

It comes down to a matter of preference. Some people prefer to use only one of the two, while others prefer to use both. Some people prefer to sleep on top of the fitted sheet, but underneath the flat sheet so that they can go for longer periods of time before having to wash their duvet covers/ quilt sets/ comforter sets. In warmer months some people choose to only use fitted and flat bed sheets on their beds and not use other bed linen. Others who use only blankets in Winter time, and have sensory issues, may find it useful to use both flat and fitted bed sheets so that they do not feel the blanket directly on their skin (and also will not have to was the blankets so often). So really, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.