The List of Popular Brands | The Most Counterfeited Items in The World

What are The Brands with The Highest Number of Fakes in the World?

We have all come across at least one counterfeit item in our life that seemed so legit that it made us question ourselves. Counterfeit goods have been around for so many years but the existence of the internet made fake items even more saleable.

Fake products can be produced in any factory really, as selling and purchasing counterfeit goods are illegal in countless countries including the US, so the production is not as regulated as it should be.

It might sound crazy at first, but if you think about it, counterfeit products can harm thousands of people. First of all, the fake goods are mostly marketed as authentic products so the buyer automatically becomes a victim. Other than that, counterfeit goods in many cases are made with harmful material that can cause great damage to you and your loved ones. Besides the buyer, counterfeited brands can get harmed too as their reputation gets damaged because of the inferior quality product that is labeled as legit.

The North Face Clothes

The North Face is one of the most popular brands worn among all age groups. Born in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, the brand was made for outerwear, skiwear, footwear, packs, tents, and sleeping bags for the most unforgiving weather. What we love about the North Face is how its clothes are not only fashionable but can keep a person warm even in the most extreme weather. 50 years have passed after two hiking enthusiasts opened up a little shop and the brand only becomes bigger each year.

The brand popularity also came to notice for the counterfeit factories that produce thousands of North Face replicas every year selling at an alarming rate.


The history of Cartier starts in 1847 in Paris by the watchmaker Louis-François Cartier who decided to turn his passion into a timeless luxurious brand. There are numerous trends connected to his name and there is no doubt how this trendsetter managed to make every piece with uniqueness and elegance. Today Cartier not only fascinates its customers but the high-end jewelry industry as a whole.

Cartier is pretty strict when it comes to its counterfeit pieces as the brand blocks every website attempting to sell fake items under the name of Cartier. Still, the brand is commonly counterfeited but it’s much easier to spot a fake piece when it comes to high-end gems and jewelry.

Even though the expert eye might find the differences more easily it doesn’t mean that anyone can do it without much knowledge. That’s where the LegitGrails team steps in – they not only offer legit check services with the fastest turn-around time but also offer guides for those willing to do the authentication process independently at home. Don’t let go of this chance, check them out: LegitGrails authentication services.


The story starts in 1837 in Paris when Thierry Hermes opens up a harness workshop. It might surprise some that Hermes’ first customer was the horse: the brand used to produce leather bags for carrying around the accessories for riders, whips, harnesses, and bridles. The very first bag by Hermes was produced in 1900 and is the closest item to modern Hermes products. Today, the brand is ranked as one of the most luxurious brands and its products are always in high demand.

Similar to Cartier, Hermes is pretty strict when it comes to counterfeit items. For example, back in February, 24 people got prison sentences for producing and selling fake Hermes items. This doesn’t mean that these items still don’t get illegally replicated and marketed as legit.


It’s amazing how some of the brands started their story because of social problems but ended up being an inseparable part of fashion. Levi’s is one of them. Levi Strauss, a German immigrant, decided to create clothing for hardworking people that would endure anything back in 1852 California. This is exactly how jeans were invented – by combining tough denim with copper rivet reinforcements. Even though blue jeans started as being clothing for hard-working people, nowadays imagining our daily lives without jeans is almost impossible.

No wonder how Levi’s got so popular among people and counterfeit brands too – Levi’s jeans are one of the most commonly replicated and marketed as authentic, so beware!


The history of Tiffany, one of the most iconic jewelry brands, starts back in 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B Young opened up a small fancy store in NYC. It’s not crazy to imagine how fast the brand established itself as Tiffany was the very first American company that adopted British silver and invented the American style that was distinguished from what they were used to in the Victorian era. It didn’t take Tifanny that long to receive international recognition and it continues to amaze us today. It might not surprise you that much if we tell you that Tiffany is one of the most commonly counterfeited brands, so you might want to be extra careful while purchasing a Tiffany item.


UGG started its journey when the Australian surfer – Brian Smith moved to the US back in 1974 to design products made from his favorite leather, sheepskin, and kangaroo, that would be distinguished from any other existent model. This is how the well-known Australia-style boots were created. UGG reached its peak fame at the end of the 1990s when everyone – from celebrities to politicians started wearing them and has never gone back.

UGG is commonly counterfeited and marketed as legit, that is why every UGG product comes with a security sticker both into a shoe and shoebox, that will allow you to authenticate your UGG pair instantly.


Think of an eyewear brand. What is the first name that comes to your mind? Is it Ray-Ban? We might be magicians for guessing the answer right, but on a more serious note, the Ray-Ban brand was originally created for the US Army Air Corporation as the pilots were suffering from eye damage. That is where the American company Bausch & Lomb was asked to create lenses that would prevent great harm. Iconic “Aviator Glasses” were created in 1937 and instantly became a hit. The brand reached its popularity peak when every famous face from the Beatles to JFK started wearing the shades. Since then the brand has only become more successful, no wonder why these sunglasses get counterfeited massively each year.

Will the World of Fake Brands Change?

Even though some brands use their full potential to fight counterfeit items, fake products get produced and sold more and more each year, thanks to the internet and accessibility to online shopping. Issues that can be caused by counterfeiters are serious and most of the time underestimated. Stolen sales, damaged reputation, harmed relations between business partners, defrauded customers and the list can go on and on forever. It’s impossible to manage each and every counterfeiter illegally replicating original products but if every brand played an important role in controlling the market, then we would get much better results.