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Crocodiles are among the largest predators living in various reservoirs. Currently, there are 23 species among these underwater predators. 

In this post, we want to tell you about the biggest crocodiles in history. By the way, the biggest bonuses, you will find on 22Bet.

Crocodile of the Island of Tavi-Tavi

In 2017, off the coast of Tawi-Tawi Island in the Philippines, a fisherman noticed something floating in the ocean, similar to a log, but approaching the log, the man noticed that it was moving. It was a giant crocodile! 

The crocodile broke the nets and even destroyed one of the boats! But, in the end, they managed to catch him. This monster was 5.7 meters long, but fortunately for him, there are strict rules regarding wild animals on the island. Killing a crocodile can cost 2 thousand dollars or turn into ten years in prison!


This crocodile was considered the largest crocodile in Asia until his death at the age of about 45 in January 2020. 

Jaws 3 has grown to 5.18 meters in length with a weight of 500 kg! His life in the reserve was good, and triple feeding became a popular tourist entertainment. He was quite friendly with people, and the employees of the reserve fed him directly from his hands.

Crocodile From Pointe Noire

The crocodile posed a serious threat to residents, especially to fishermen who worked near its habitat. In addition, there were suspicions that the crocodile was hunting local cattle.

Presumably, the crocodile was about 5.4m in size. He was immediately killed and, to convince the locals that the water was now safe, the crocodile was driven around the city in the back of a truck. So that the good would not be wasted, the locals ate a crocodile on the same night to celebrate their victory.