The interesting facts about online BTC margin trading

BTC margin trading at BTCC is simply incomparable because it is integrated with innumerable essentialities. Moreover, it is one of the best trading platforms in the national as well as international market and its boons have viably surpassed the other competing cryptocurrency exchanges.

The highlights of BTC margin trading on the BTCC platform

It is crucial to note that BTCC offers its incredible services utilizing innumerable platforms. Currently, eighteen highly liquid global cryptocurrencies are available. The solid trading platform of BTCC, especially for BTC margin trading renders all necessary and important features like the highest possible liquidity, numerous tools for technical analysis, and last but not least multiple order types.

 Moreover, the trading platforms of BTCC are effectively supporting the web-based platforms as well as BTCC mobile trading. A browser-based platform of a cryptocurrency exchange in general and BTC margin trading in specific is provided when it comes to efficacious tradings, deposits, and withdrawals, besides the other novel cryptocurrency exchange services at BTCC. It encompasses many adorable features.

The order book of BTCC for BTC margin trading is located on the right-hand side of the interface. There is an interactive chart that clearly indicates price action. There are six chart types viz. Line, bar, area, candlesticks, hollow candles, and Heikin-Ashi, and the order history of the account is flawlessly at the bottom of the page. 

Nonetheless, in mobile trading of BTCC, wherein a user desires to carry out a profitable BTC margin trading, he or she will locate significant mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, which are downloadable from their respective app stores. The mobile app retains the high functionality of the web-based platform and simultaneously offers a few modifications to make the app easier and more enjoyable for the user.

The high benefits of choosing BTCC for BTC margin trading

In the present scenario, BTCC delivers the 18 different cryptocurrencies that are integrated with the highest possible liquidity including Bitcoin. An elite member can use various order types viz. market orders (buy/sell), limit orders (buy/sell), and stop orders (limit/loss) to trade the desired cryptocurrencies specifically BTC margin trading.

It is important to signify that there are different fee types charged by BTCC for BTC margin trading. These include trading fees and transaction fees for withdrawals. Moreover, it offers a very high leveraging of as high as 150x on USDT perpetual contracts. As many as twenty-nine trading pairs are available, and members can profit by holding short or long positions.

Additionally, the conversion function at BTCC permits its users to convert the cryptocurrency that they own into USDT within seconds. With this function, a user is saved from undertaking the trouble to transfer the cryptocurrency out of his or her wallet and convert it into USDT. This functionality also allows the new members to bypass spot trading. No doubt, USDT has formed the underlying asset strongly for BTC margin trading on BTCC. Last but not least customer support of is available day round to assist their clients will all issues pertaining to cryptocurrency trading genuinely BTC margin trading.