Spray jet nozzles for fountains are a necessity when it comes to creating a large-scale fountain. Many people have the misconception that spray jet nozzles can be used on small fountains, but this is not true! In order to create a really large fountain and get the best performance, you need to know what kind of nozzle will work best for your fountain.

Spray jet nozzles are an important part of any fountain system. It helps to deliver water evenly and quickly, which is essential for keeping a fountain looking and operating at its best. Spraying water from a fountain can be fun and enjoyable, but it can also be dangerous if the nozzle is not used properly. 

Here are some reasons why you need a spray jet nozzle:

  • To distribute water evenly across the surface of the water droplet.
  • To create a fine mist or stream of water that can be directed where you want it to go.
  • To create effects like rain or snowflakes in your fountain’s water droplets.

Spray jet nozzles come in many different types and can be used for a variety of fountain purposes. There are three main types of spray jet nozzles: direct inflation, rotary injection, and atomization. Let’s discuss them in briefer.

Direct Inflation Nozzle: 

A direct inflation nozzle is the simplest type of nozzle and is typically used for spraying liquids or gels. This nozzle uses a spring-loaded piston to push pressurized air through the nozzle. This type of nozzle is often used for sprays near the ground or overhead, as it is more economical than other types of nozzles.

Rotary Injection Nozzle: 

A rotary injection nozzle uses a rotating disc to inject pressurized air into the fluid stream. This type of nozzle is often used for spraying fluids that are difficult to spray from a direct inflation nozzle, such as water droplets high in viscosity or paint.

Atomization Nozzle: 

An atomization nozzle uses tiny gas bubbles to create a fine mist Spray jets using an atomization nozzle are most commonly used for applying cosmetics, fragrances, or food products. Atomization nozzles are more efficient than other types of spray jets and produce less noise when in use.

How to install a nozzle?

When it comes to installing a spray nozzle for your fountain, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • First, make sure the nozzle is compatible with the fountain pump you’re using. 
  • Second, measure the distance from the faucet to the center of your spray head. 
  • Third, determine how high you want your water stream to be and purchase a nozzle that matches. 
  • Fourth, remove any obstructions in the way of the spray head and tighten the mounting nut on the nozzle. 
  • Fifth, connect the hoses to the pump and turn it on. 
  • Finally, adjust the stream height by turning the control knob on the pump.