The Importance of Monitoring Remote Employee’s Performance

It is no secret that employee efficiency and productivity are the key to a company’s growth. Which is why companies around the world are always working towards achieving high productivity and growing big everyday. Therefore, companies need to ensure that employees understand their job roles clearly and its expectation from an employee. Setting up clear objectives and goals is not just enough to increase employee efficiency, it is also important to measure, monitor and assess Employee performance comments to enhance their productivity.  

Now with an increasing number of remote employees, the importance of monitoring work from home employees has also increased rapidly. Tracking and monitoring remote employee performance enables the HR department to make effective decisions for the company. It also helps the HR to give the right feedback to employees regarding appraisal, performance, mentoring and training requirements, hiring or firing decisions too. A regular tracking and monitoring of remote employees using monitoring software also serves as a record keeping of their work activities and builds transparency in remote teams. There are many monitoring software available in the market that track employee work activities and provide clear visibility of employee performance. Let’s find out more reasons why it is really important to know how employees are working while they are working from home.

Here are some reasons why it is important to Monitor Remote Employee’s Performance:

  1. It Increases Employee Efficiency: Every employee in a company has their own set of KPI. When employees are working from home, it becomes difficult for HR managers to know how an employee is working. A regular and consistent check of performance and work progress may seem to mean there’s a lack of mistrust in the employee-employer relationship. However, if you are using a monitoring software you can easily find out which employee is working on what without even asking them. Seeing their work progress you can easily understand whether they are aligned with their task or not. You can instantly help an employee if you find out he is not working as efficiently as the company expects him to do. 
  2. Identify Employee Strengths: When you are monitoring employee work activity using a software you can easily identify employees whose performance is not as per company expectation. But it is not only about finding the failings of employees to improve their performance, but also helps you to identify the most performing employee. Employees who work sincerely also want you to know about their performance and point out their advantages. You can let your efficient employees know that you know about their work and how the company values him for his performance. 
  3. Establish Great Employee-Employer Relationship: Monitoring remote employees’ work activity means you get to see how they are working, what websites they are visiting and the screenshot further lets you know whether they are on the right track or not. This also means you can guide employees from taking any wrong step if you are monitoring them the right way. This helps to improve the employee-employer relationship, because employees know that their manager is watching them for a good reason and he is there to help when they need it. It also helps to create respect and friendliness between them, releasing tension and thus boosts employee performance.
  4. Identify Training and Development Needs: To perform better employees need to learn various skills from soft to  technical skills. By monitoring and measuring employee performance, managers can identify skill gaps and fulfill them with training programs to nurture their skill. Once again, tracking the performance of your employees helps you not only to identify these gaps of skills but also select the right program to invest in.
  5. Provide Constructive Feedback: When you monitor remote employees on a regular basis and assess their performance, it helps you to provide them constructive feedback. No matter how efficient your employees are, positive feedback goes a long way in boosting employee morale. It also helps employees understand the concern of the management and vice versa. 
  6. Rewards and Recognition: Company provides rewards and recognition to an employer based on his performance. It becomes crucial for HR to keep track of employee efficiency to find out the deserving candidate for awards, promotions, certificates and other compensation. Rewarding the right employee brings transparency in the system and also motivates other employees to perform equally well. 
  7. Recruitment, Recognition and Termination: In a corporate world, the competition is so high that only talented people can survive. Companies never want to lose their efficient employees and keep on providing required incentives to retain them. On the other hand, they will not give a second thought before terminating them if they are failing to perform as per company expectations. Monitoring employees will help you to make better decisions when it comes to knowing the good fit for your company. 

In a nutshell, without measuring your remote employee activities and productivity regularly, you will end up being directionless and eventually all your efforts become futile. All HR functionalities revolve around employees and their level of efficiency in their work. As discussed above, there are numerous benefits of installing remote employee monitoring software for remote employees. As a HR manager you can’t reach out to them individually to monitor their task, but this software can do it for you and give you a precise report based on employee performance. This error-free report will help you understand your employees better and save your valuable time which you can further invest for other tasks. 

Empower your HR department with a powerful robust monitoring software like an employee intranet portal that will not only help you to track employee work activities but also help you build stronger relationships with your remote employees.