The Fortnite phenomenon: Why the game is so popular

What are the benefits of a Fortnite project that looks like a cartoon about people shooting each other that everyone plays and discusses? To understand this, we must first talk about the genre Fortnite – Battle Royale or the royal battle.

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What is Battle Royale? 

The genre did not even originate in the gaming or film industry, but in fiction. In 1999, the Japanese Koshun Takami published the book Battle Royale, in which kidnapped students are sent to a desert island and forced to kill each other until only one remains alive. At the same time, the poor people have to constantly change their location so that the bracelet with explosives attached to their necks does not explode.

In 2000, the book was made into a film by Kinji Fukasaku. The film was successful, receiving several awards and ranking first on Quentin Tarantino’s list of the best films released after 1992. The idea was later used in other films such as The Hunger Games.

In the gaming industry, the Battle Royale genre became truly popular only in 2017, when the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was released. Although it is worth noting that other projects in this genre have come out before.

But players liked PUBG the most. In it, on a fairly large map, there are up to 100 people who act according to the scenario described above. Alone or in a team, they explore houses, warehouses and other buildings in search of weapons and armor, dissect on foot or in vehicles, kill other players and try to stay outside the ever-shrinking death zone.

PUBG’s popularity has grown at lightning speed. Despite the fact that this is a paid project, it is played by more than 30 million people worldwide. And yet, Fortnite surpassed it.

How Fortnite became one of the most popular games?

Few would have thought that the Epic Games project would become what it has become. It was originally a game about how a team of people explore the world during the day, collect resources and fortify buildings, and fight monsters at night. It was thought that the build should attract the attention of potential Fortnite buyers.

Around the same time, PUBG’s popularity skyrocketed. Therefore, Epic Games made their battle royale based on Fortnite: engine, object and character models, building and combat mechanics and a number of other things. And success was not long in coming. Soon everyone who is more or less familiar with the gaming industry found out about the new competitor PUBG. At first, Fortnite was too raw and looked like a knee-jerk mod, but it quickly took shape and became a full-fledged project.

The ability to build fortifications from different materials fundamentally changed the approach to gameplay and changed the battle royale formula, bringing something fresh and unique to the still nascent subgenre of online entertainment. In Fortnite, you have to think not only about equipment, but also about resources, divided into three types: wood, stone and metal. They are mined with a pickaxe from most objects around. No materials – no walls, no walls – no protection.

Players very quickly mastered the technique of upgrading and with the help of only four elements (roof, wall, floor and slope) quickly learned to take the initiative into their own hands, literally hiding from enemy fire on the move. For example, on the PlayStation 4 there are five different layouts that allow you to customize the controls for quick and convenient construction. After experimenting with each, a player of any level will find the most convenient option for himself, which increases the efficiency and speed of creating fortifications. The final minutes of the battle royale are fierce gunfights and hide and seek. In Fortnite, the last minutes are a battle of engineers who try, like in a game of chess, to “restore” the enemy and take a comfortable position to attack. There is no such thing anywhere.

Yes, now Fotrnite is again as popular as it was before, and the “battle royale” from Epic Games still captivates hundreds of thousands of gamers. We have selected for you some interesting facts about Fotrnite that you might not even know about.

Fact 1: Fortnite’s music was created by a legendary composer

In the “battle royal” you will not hear any music at all. But in PVE mode, where players have to fend off waves of zombies, Roma di Prisco plays comps. The same person did the soundtrack for Unreal Tournament 3, Mass Effect 2 and several dozen other game projects.

Fact 2: Most of the game was created within 3 weeks

During the conference at which Fortnite (still without the Battle Royale mode) was presented, the creative director of Epic Games said that the idea for the creation of this masterpiece came to the team of the studio in just a few weeks. And now they have presented the first teasers and done most of the technical work. It’s scary to imagine how hard the team had to work to do so much in such a short time.

Fact 3: Far more money was spent developing Fotrnite than Gears of War

Tim Sweeney himself said that the studio spent a lot of money to create their game. And they had to allocate a budget much more impressive than for the same Gears of War. Now we all understand that the developers have enough funds to support this project and create a new one. But in those days, Epic Games took a serious risk, as no one guaranteed that Fortnite would even pay off in sales.

Fact 4: When creating the visual style, the developers were inspired by cartoons

More precisely, the Looney Toons universe, which includes cartoons about such cult characters as Bugs Bunny, Coyote and Sprinter, Daffy Buck and so on. Yes, there are a few more EG animations taken from newer Pixar and Dreeamworks work, but most of the visuals are taken from cartoons.

Fact 5: The main goal of the studio is to never make a paid game 

From the beginning, the studio’s management adhered to a strict direction. Namely not to make a game where money can break the whole balance. Absolutely all items that you can buy for real money carry purely cosmetic functions. Apparently, Epic Games is a representative of those few studios that put the quality of their games before financial gain.