With the COVID-19, we had no choice but to stay inside our homes and connect with people around the world through different communication tools. As we traverse to a new setting, it’d be quite challenging to go without some convenient knowledge that will help you pull through. This knowledge includes some helpful tips that you’ll need in 2021.

Email is one tool that supports communication and sharing files. Admittedly, we have been using it even before the pandemic. But, though email is capable of two functions despite being a single tool, we cannot deny that one aspect of it, which is file-sharing, might not meet our demands. We introduce to you the file sharing tool that you’ll definitely deem useful in your work and school.

How can I share my files?

One question that you’ll surely ask is how you can share your files. The process is fairly simple. A general example of how you can do the process is to open up your email, attach the file, include a message, and click send! Of course, you might already be aware of that! However, the next problem that you should consider is whether the email can support the file size of your work.

This problem is one of the drawbacks of email and other communication tools. They cannot handle LARGE files. Most likely, they can only support file sizes of around some megabytes. This won’t do if you have to send huge files over the Internet. A common way to solve this is to look up file sharing tips online.

Of course, you no longer have to do that as we can provide you an accessible way to do file sharing. Perhaps, you might think of signing up for online storage provided by popular companies such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many others. Though opting for them is not bad, there’s a much easier way to solve your problem!

Share your files online with GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online web-based service that you can use to share your files and handle PDFs. Though it may seem that GogoPDF tends to be better in the aspect of dealing with PDFs, its service definitely won’t disappoint in file sharing. It’s a clever choice since it can provide you a quick and seamless experience while maintaining your security. Here’s a short guide for the usage of the said tool.

  1. Go to GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your chosen file.
  3. Click Share File.
  4. GogoPDF will generate a download link for you.
  5. All you have to do is copy the link, email it with a personal message, and send it!

GogoPDF supports files as huge as 5GB. You can achieve much more now that you have no problems with sharing your files. If you still have doubts regarding the use of GogoPDF as a file sharing tool, here’s a brief comparison with some popular online storages that can handle file sharing as well.

GogoPDF vs. other tools

We all know that you can sign up for online storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, and many others. Once you’re done with that step, you can now upload, generate a link, and do the similar process as with GogoPDF. There isn’t much difference among them, but there are some aspects that you may want to consider – the data cap and convenience.

Online storage has a data cap, and you might have to pay for a subscription to expand your space. On the other hand, GogoPDF provides the service for free. Signing up may be quite inconvenient too, especially if you are in a rush. Meanwhile, GogoPDF only needs you to go online and do the file sharing process. Be wise and choose GogoPDF which can provide you better convenience and service.

What faster file sharing brings about

A quicker and more efficient file sharing evokes less effort, less time spent, better chances in securing deals, enhanced productivity, and a much more relaxed mind. These may be pretty obvious, but you would definitely feel the difference. Say goodbye to the stressful days and welcome a much better-paced work. Organizations can use secure file transfer by GoAnywhere.

Final thoughts

Humans are really amazing to have built ways to communicate without being physically present in a far location. We definitely have to thank our genius predecessors, especially now that we are experiencing how important they are to our lives amidst the modern pandemic. Among these ways is the use of file sharing services that ease up our work significantly.

You might be strapped for ways to share your large files online because email doesn’t support sizes above their predetermined value. One way that you will eventually think of is to look up ways to do this. In this regard, using GogoPDF is undoubtedly the most clever thing that you’ll do! Visit GogoPDF now and easily share your files online!