The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), also known as “Layali Dubai” in Arabic, is an annual international shopping event. Originally invented in 1996, the event now attracts more than 3 million people and is today one of the most important shopping events on the annual calendar.

Dubai Shopping Festival-Discount Shopping and Bargains

Many tourists are planning a bargain holiday to Dubai during the DSF to take full advantage of the discounted shopping and offers available during this event. You can buy various items such as jewelry, watches, and perfumes, which are your dreams of shopping, at duty-free prices. The daily lottery is also held and millions of dirhams will be given as gifts!

To get a real feel, visit one of the many shops in Dubai Creek to enjoy the shopping atmosphere and experience the buzz. Visit the Gold Shop, Spice Shop, Fish Shop, or Perfume Shop and be amazed at what appears to be the product offered.

Events and entertainment during the DSF

In addition to the extensive selection of promotions, discounts, and bargains offered by the Dubai Shopping Festival, there are daily events such as street performances, music shows, film festivals, and fireworks displays. In addition to various shows based on selected themes such as Tarzan and Fashion Week, there are also many sports to participate in, such as soccer, tennis, and rowing.

DSF 2021-15 years of Dubai Shopping Festival

In 2021, the event was held for 32 days from January 20th to February 20th. The event began with a spectacular fireworks display at Burj Khalifa Boulevard and Dubai Creek Park. Disney also made an exclusive production here in 2021. In addition, there were many raffles, concerts, and shows, including dolphin shows, Amy Winehouse, N.E.R.D, and many other artists’ concerts.

Over the 15 years of the shopping festival Dubai 2021, the event has attracted more than 40 million visitors, consumers have spent 84 billion dirhams and prizes have been awarded at a value of 1.35 billion dirhams. 

Dubai Shopping Festival Event

Dubai is the second largest state and central commercial port in the United Arab Emirates. Located on both banks of Dubai Creek, Dubai is today a destination-seeking tourist destination. This is where beaches, deserts, and busy urban life are everywhere. Dubai has become a major market center as the Dubai government has made significant interventions in industrial development and trade, international investment, and tourism. 

Dubai’s development is reported to be tragic, beginning in 1960, with many skyscrapers and office lights standing on the banks of the stream. Dubai currently has some of the best hotels, restaurants, parks, and gardens in quite a few locations. Quite a few software suppliers.

In addition to shopping malls and shops, one of the most popular shopping spots is the Carpet Oasis, which features thousands of luxury carpets from around the world. Daily raffle draws a very attractive price offering silver, gold, car, and 4×4.

The venue has shopping centers and malls in different parts of the city, as well as a global village with lodges that offer product retailers and manufacturers from around the world. Then plan your next trip to Dubai for this mega event.

Dubai has long been a retail paradise and has been regarded as a mecca for duty-free purchases. The annual International Festival is held for purchase over a period of about four weeks in January and February. What started out as a luxury purchase has grown with larger events, including fashion bosses and other entertainment, attracting more than 3 million visitors annually. 

However, purchases are central to the event, giving visitors the opportunity to win prizes as well as special discounts on various products. The venue has shopping centers and malls in different parts of the city, as well as a global village with lodges that offer product retailers and manufacturers from around the world.