The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Are you considering a destination wedding?

In planning an outdoor wedding, your wedding does not need to be at a place that is not grand, like a small park or on a beach. Instead, plan it as you would a traditional wedding.

Backdrop it with the fun of a destination wedding, such as activities for guests and a party afterward, but do not overlook traditional etiquette.

Keep reading to learn about the dos and don’ts of planning an outdoor destination wedding.

Choosing the Right Location

Make sure also to consider the time of year, as temperatures can drastically influence the comfort and ambiance of your special day. Additionally, be aware of your surroundings – if you are near trees or buildings, be mindful of potential wind gusts.

Don’t include choosing a location near a main roadway or power lines, as the noise and extra light may disrupt the atmosphere. Additionally, find luxury restroom trailers for the guest.

Managing Guests in the Outdoors

Make sure you know all the information about the venue you plan to use. This includes confirming all the details about weather conditions, like potential rain or strong winds.

Don’t forget to coordinate with your photographer and vendors. Ensure all of your vendors are informed about where the wedding is taking place and what conditions might arise due to potential weather issues.

Achieving the Right Aesthetic

When planning an outdoor wedding, achieving the right aesthetic is key. One of the dos of achieving the perfect outdoor wedding is to decide on a clear theme. Consider what kind of atmosphere you’d like and pick a color scheme, theme, and decorations that fit the outdoor environment.

Think about the type of seating and seating arrangement, the lighting, and how you want the area to look. Finally, choose details such as the fabrics you’ll use and materials, such as lush blooms, wood, or other elements, to tie in the theme and bring the space to life. Decorating the tables for an outdoor wedding is a great opportunity to bring the beauty and liveliness of nature into the happy event. Choose centerpieces that have fun shapes, like bunches of flowers arranged in creative ways, or use items from nature like twigs, rocks, and seashells. Scatter around candles and strings of bright lights for a romantic glow in the evening, and match them with some silver wedding plates.

Emergency Weather Planning

There are a few dos and don’ts to follow to ensure your beach wedding goes off without a hitch in inclement weather. It is essential to have a contingency plan ready with multiple backup locations. Make sure that tents are waterproof and include multiple sets of weights to keep tents from blowing away.

Don’t forget to include lighting for evening receptions; candles create a lovely ambiance. Ensuring your vendors have indoor access and that your DJ or band is prepared to move their equipment is also important. 

Dealing With Uninvited Guests

Do send an invitation card to every guest. Make it known that the day is exclusive to those invited, and kindly inform those not on the list.

Don’t pass the word that you’re planning on having an outside wedding, as this could attract unwanted guests. However, if some of them still manage to show up, it’s best to inform them politely that it’s a private event, and you’ll be very thankful if they can leave quietly. 

Learn More Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are an incredible way to add a unique and beautiful element to your special day. From finding a location to how to decorate, it can be overwhelming to plan.

However, following the dos and don’ts of planning an outdoor wedding can ensure yours goes smoothly and is remembered for years. Use these tips and check out our blog for more advice and ideas on planning your dream outdoor wedding.

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