The differences between L curl lashes vs D curl

Curls for eyelash extensions are available in a range of styles. Today’s topic will discuss the differences between L curl lashes vs D curl. Pay attention, and you will have a thorough understanding of eyelash curls.

What are L curl and D curl?

It’s important to grasp the two types of curl before getting into the difference between L curl lashes vs D curl.

L curl

L curl lashes have a straight foundation that transitions to and sits flat on the client’s natural eyelash. They provide excellent curl for monolid eyes and clients with very straight natural lashes. If applied appropriately, the L curl eyelashes will draw attention to the client’s eyes. This curl will offer a dramatic and attractive effect for your clients. The L curl eyelashes are suitable for those with natural lashes that are straight or down-pointing.

D curl

D curl lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular, and they deliver the greatest life of all the lash curls. They feature a short flat base with 70-degree curved tips. The D curl is the most dramatic and generates the most lift.

When your clients are looking for ultimate drama, D curl lashes are the way to go! Because of their deep, upward-sloping curl, they wonderfully define and open up their eyes. This curl is ideal for fancy photoshoots and evenings out when the clients want to leave a lasting impression with their eyes.

L curl lashes vs D curl comparison

Aside from appearances, the most significant distinction between L curl and D curl is their suitability.

Who should use L curl lashes:

Clients with lashes that are straight or pointing downward

Many lash artists struggle to produce a crisp set on clientele with straighter lashes, or those whose lashes grow down since not everyone’s lashes have a natural curve. On the other hand, L curls have a flat base that permits them to bind well with straight lashes. The straight base provides the best possible connection with a straighter lash, resulting in a strong attachment.

– Client who request for strip lash look

The strip lash appearance, often known as the Kim K look, is certainly one of the most popular lash sets. There’s nothing like L curls to provide a skeleton for all that fluffy texture. Because L lashes lie higher on the lash, they are ideal for creating the spikes of a strip lash appearance. The straight L curl tips make the ultimate strip lash appearance, producing an edgy textured impression.

Client with hooded eyes

When a high-brow bone obscures the crease, Hooded eyes can be difficult for lash artists to work with. L curls are the secret weapon for hooded eyes, since they tug the lashes outwards and upwards, producing a lot of lift. And when comparing L curl lashes vs D curl, the flat base eliminates the possibility of the lashes curving back and touching the eyelid like a D curl.

L curls, like anything else, have their limitations. Clients with round eyes should avoid L curl since it might make their eyes look even wider. 

Who should use D curl lashes:

Client with drooping eyelids: 

Overhanging eyelids are found in 70% of middle-aged and older clients. It is critical to use a more curved curl here. In this instance, D curls are the most practical and most outstanding solution. The D curl is ideal since it may be used to achieve neutral results in a short amount of time. It elongates and enlarges the eyes.

– Client with big eyes: 

The eyelid is wide open here, with no eye deepening or overhang. In theory, any bend will work for such eyes. On the other hand, D curl lashes will enhance the look and open the eyes. The D curl will seem natural and elegant for individuals who do not want to draw attention to their eyes with long lashes.

There are several eye shapes that the D curl effect is not recommended for. D curl eyelash extensions will discomfort or touch against the eyelid when opened for clients with deep-set eyes. 

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Above is what you need to know to distinguish L curl lashes vs D curl. Take note of this information to expand your understanding of eyelash extensions.