The Definitive Guide to Designing Landing Pages

10 Super Effective Landing Page Design Tips to Improve Conversions

A website without a proper landing page designs is like calling an interior designer for a house that looks all dilapidated from outside!

You are an entrepreneur, and to be successful, you must have a vision. For instance, you open a company’s website that sells laptops. More often than not, you will find the company advertising its latest laptop on the first page of the website that you see. In other cases, you will find some beautifully crafted well web designed about what the company does and sells. 

Believe me or not, you have only eight seconds to impress the visitor. Now, what would you do? 

Awesome Landing page design- a door to earning revenues

Every time you click on a google ad, you will land on a page of the website, which you can refer to as the landing page. Compare it to an alien that lands on Earth in a place known as the landing place.

How to make your landing page design a masterpiece

1. Know what you are offering

Surprisingly, people are unaware of what they want to offer. There are tons of things they want to offer and fail to offer even one thing. Remember, I said that you have only eight seconds to make an impression.

You have already heard about the popular note-taking app. On clicking on its website, it will take you to a landing page that says,

“Tame your work, organize your life”

The one-liner is enough to captivate people who are looking for a brilliant note-taking app. Also, the color combination plays an important role in designing a landing page. 

As an entrepreneur, you are already aware of the importance of the vision statement. The landing page designs should ideally reflect your vision or description of your products in as few lines as possible.

2. Lead your visitors to Treasure Island!

It is not enough to captivate your visitor’s attention by just designing an aesthetic landing page. You have to make the visitors realize that there is a treasure waiting for you. This treasure could be an excellent offer or a unique well designed landing pages product that solves all problems.

Give them pathways to explore by leaving some Call to Actions (CTA) that will actually generate leads. Also, do not create a landing page with neural pathways! A well-designed landing page is always clean and tidy.

Let us take the some example. There you can easily find a big “Get it now” and “Sign up” button to entice you into creating an account and start taking down notes!

3. Use coloring techniques for your landing page designs

Make sure to choose your color combination as simplistic as possible to keep your landing page neat and tidy unless you are running a paint shop. A good color mix will not turn off the audience.

Also, make sure that your website has the same color combination used on your brand logo. This will aid and refresh the targeted audience to connect with your brand. A well-designed page reflects an ideal color combo.

4. Consider using videos

Videography has become increasingly popular now because this is the best way to demonstrate your product in detail. People prefer videos over written content. A video with a proper headline can do wonders! 

To create a well-designed landing page, upload a short and sweet video about your business and the products you offer.

5. Testimonials on your landing page

You might be associated with a great brand or have worked with a big personality or brand in the past. If you are a service provider, you should definitely display testimonials on the landing page of your website. 

Testimonials create trust. They show that you are trustworthy. For instance if you are into freelance writing, you can display an array of reviews given by your clients on the landing page designs itself. This way, you can gather more clients!

6. Power of Alluring images

Our brains love images. In fact, we think through images. If you are a photographer, you will definitely want to mesmerize your audience with your beautiful shots. If you are into luxury items, an image of a man wearing a watch can emphasize sophistication. Alluring imagery can enhance visual appeals to a great extent.

Well designed landing pages will always have powerful imagery.

7. Multiple landing pages

If you are into the clothing business, you may have a collection of both summer wear and winter wear. For those living near the Equator, you will consider displaying summer wear on your landing page. Though this is not essential, your landing page will cater to people of various tastes. This way, you can generate more revenue.

8. Incentivize your visitor

This is the most popular way to gain a customer. You have ever seen how a motivational speaker encourages you to sign up and get a free copy of their latest ebook? This is exactly what you can do even if you are not into motivation stuff!

By giving a proper CTA along with an incentive to a visitor for clicking on the CTA, you can actually win the game. You have a customer email list now. A customer list is an essential asset for your business. 

Don’t get me wrong! I am not asking you to spam them. You can gather emails and email them your latest offers. 

9. Are you making a landing page on your own?

The 9 fundamentals to creating a good landing page will help you to create your own landing page on greenhatfiles. However, you can be trapped in some technical issues every now and then. If you have no experience in website designing, you can always seek help from a website development agency in India. 

Web development agency in India entrepreneurs all over the world have started realizing the importance of online presence. To create an online presence, a landing page is the essential component. The packaging of your website should be captivating enough for your audience to convert into leads.

After reading this article, don’t wait to crush it!