In Australia, classical dance school Adelaide usually offer a variety of dance types and techniques, click here for more information. These types are usually involved: ballet, modern jazz, contemporary dance. There are many more types of dances from other countries and cultures. Expand dancing horizons and immerse yourself in a new world. There are different classes for different dance forms, such as if you want to learn Latin dance form, you can enroll for
latin dance classes Singapore.

Let’s travel around the world together to take a look at the different dance traditions.

Learn Country Line Dance

Do you dream of the Wild West and prefer to wear cowboy boots? Then this dance is for you. The country line dance is fun. In a Country Line Dance course, you relax and put all your worries away when you enter the hall. Many people with an interest in American culture take line dancing classes to take their first steps.

This dance style is primarily danced for entertainment purposes. There are also some line dancing competitions in the USA, but mostly the cowboy shoes are taken out for a dance evening in an American bar or a dance performance. Country dance is very energetic. Perfect if you want to train your abs and heart!

In a country dance school, you can learn the different country dance steps and figures:

  • Bar Stools,
  • Cut a Rug,
  • Country Slide,
  • Two Step Line Dance,
  • Canadian Stomp,
  • Cowboy Charleston,
  • Copperhead Road, etc.

Many country dance groups participate in the annual country dance balls. The country line dance is very show-oriented. If you’re a little shy, this is the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries. Put on your hat and cowboy boots and jump onto the stage.

Here you can find out more about our dance courses in Berlin and our dance courses in Hamburg!

The Madison Dance: a classic!

We stay in the United States of America. For now, however, let’s move on to another dance: the Madison dance.

Whether at a ball opening, a wedding or a dance evening at your dance school: You will often see dancers who know Madison steps. They usually start off with a Madison dance when the song “Last Night” by Chris Anderson and DJ Robbie is playing.

Like most line dances, the Madison is danced to country music. Country music is the epitome of American culture and is always worth exploring. This style pleases the little ones as well as the big ones. There are even Madison artists who have become famous around the world!

If you want to learn the basics of Madison Dance, you have the following options:

  • A Madison Dance class at a dance school,
  • Private Madison Dance Lessons,
  • Madison Dance Theory books,
  • Madison Dance Videos,
  • apps to learn the Madison dance,
  • Internet sites where you can learn the Madison Dance,
  • Educational DVD’s introducing Madison Dance.

With fairly simple steps, the Madison is suitable for dancers of all levels, from beginner to expert. People who dance the Madison can reduce their risk of osteoarthritis. There are even Madison classes specifically for seniors! Whether with your family, among friends or in a couple: learn the Madison Dance and become the star of the evening!

The Spanish Dances

This is not about Zumba online classes!

The Spanish dances are popular all over the world. No wonder, because they are sensual, emotional and technically demanding. Spanish dance is very popular. Why? Because of the beauty and passion that speaks from it. Traditionally, the Spanish dancers usually wear colorful and sensual costumes.

Have you ever watched a flamenco performance? If not, let’s go! There you will not only learn new dance steps, but also get to know the Spanish culture better.

Here is a (not 100% complete list, of course) of the world’s most popular Spanish dances:

  • the Basque dances,
  • flamenco dance,
  • Sevillanas,
  • Muiñeira ,
  • Jota,
  • the classical Spanish ballet,
  • Spanish folk dances,
  • the castanet dance,
  • Right Double Step,
  • the bolero,
  • the sardana dance,
  • The Fandango,
  • Isa
  • JaleoJaleo.

Although, the best way to learn Spanish folk dances is on site, in Spain itself. In Australia you will mainly find flamenco or salsa courses.

How do you learn Indian dances?

Have you seen the great movie Slumdog Millionaire? If so, you probably remember the last scene where the actors dance to the song “Jai Ho” by AR Rahman Bollywood Dance!

If you want to learn Indian dances, you don’t have to go straight to India. These dances are used in Indian culture as a means of social communication. Stories are told with the Indian dances, facial expressions and hands play an important role. With Indian dance, you quickly end up on a stage and have spectators. Your self-confidence is guaranteed to grow!

No matter what you imagine by dancing, you will surely find the right course for you in Indian dance: some dances have a slow, some a fast tempo, some are individual, some group dances, some themes and occasions are traditional, some more modern.

Indian dance is characterized by its diversity:

  • There are romantic dances that are particularly good for couples,
  • There are sensual dances that are about seduction and passion,
  • There are energetic dances for large dance troupes.
  • You want to learn an Indian dance? Then we advise you to book an Indian dance course!

Bollywood dance needs a social setting. Muscle strengthening: Yes, but only with a lot of fun and in a group! You will also quickly learn great group choreographies and improve your musical and artistic understanding.

A walk through India: the famous classical Indian dance forms and their  state of origin, India - Times of India Travel

Take African dance classes

Let your heart beat to the fast rhythm of African drums.

African dances are full of energy and vitality. All muscles in your body are used. The movements are large and because of the rhythms there are quick changes of direction. That’s exhausting! Nevertheless, you do not need to be a high-performance athlete if you want to dance African dances. You can adjust your dance tempo to suit your own needs.

African Dance Wallpapers - Top Free African Dance Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

Kizomba, Zouglou or Kuduro: there are as many different dances on the African continent as there are cultures and traditions. Some are slow and sensual, some faster and sportier. The same applies to the music: some dances are danced to traditional rhythms, others to more modern sounds, such as Afro House.

Everyone finds happiness with African dances!

Some cultural associations not only offer courses in African dance, but also in African music. African percussion instruments, djembe… soon you’ll be able to dance to your own compositions!