The Complete Guide to Styling A Men’s Hoodie As Streetwear Fashion

If streetwear is your fashion style, you already know that the humble men’s hoodie is a key element in putting together a look. And if you’re just getting into the culture, well, owning a men’s hoodie (or several) is a must. 

That said, owning a hoodie is just part of the battle – you also need to know how to style it properly. If you’ve wondered how to wear your hoodies properly, you’re in the right place – here’s how to style your men’s hoodies as streetwear fashion. 

Understanding Streetwear 

Before you can get to styling your men’s hoodie, you first need to understand the elements of a good streetwear look. 

Despite its popularity in the fashion world, most people are unaware of what a streetwear look actually entails. In its most basic form, streetwear is basically casual and smart casual clothes worn by pop culture fans. 

Most streetwear fashionistas are under 30 and belong to a subculture group, such as hip-hop music fans and hipsters. What this actually means is that streetwear encompasses a large variety of styles and can be hard to pin down on its own. 

However, no matter which subculture you belong (or don’t belong) to, the basic elements of streetwear remain the same. It involves casual or fast-casual clothes that are fashionable and wearable rather than being runway-ready haute couture pieces with limited real-life practical wearability. 

Styling Hoodies

So, you’ve bought yourself a men’s hoodie or two to add to your wardrobe and know what streetwear entails – but you’re unsure how to combine the two into a fashionable yet casual look. 

Luckily, once you’ve styled a hoodie a couple of times, it gets pretty easy to figure out. Here are a few styles for you to try the first time around. 

Pair it With Fitted Trousers

A men’s hoodie doesn’t necessarily need to be worn over a tee or shirt. If you’re confident you won’t be removing it until you return home, you can also wear it on its own. 

For this look, you should pair your hoodie with a pair of fitted or tailored trousers. The formal look of your pants will contrast against the more casual style of the hoodie, creating a comfortable, smart-casual look. To elevate your look further, complete with a long, formal coat and high-end sneakers.

Layer It

Men’s hoodies are most popularly worn as part of a layered look.

To style this look:

  • Start with a white shirt or crew neck tee
  • Next, layer up with a zip-up hoodie and complete with a jacket or an overcoat
  • Tie up the look with jeans and sneakers

As part of a layered look, a hoodie is relatively unassuming on its own – but without it, the final look wouldn’t pop and stand out as much as it does. It helps create a casual look with a fashionable touch while still ensuring you stay comfortable. It’s especially a great option for the winter, as the layers will keep you warm when it’s chilly outside without compromising on style.

Go Athleisure 

While athleisure initially started out as a way to look trendy while on your way to the gym, it’s become a fashion movement of its own today. A men’s hoodie works great as part of an athleisure look – to style it, pair your hoodie with joggers and leather sneakers. 

To give it a truly comfort-driven vibe, wear a matching hoodie and joggers – black-on-black and white-on-white are always in style, though you’re also free to experiment with other colors if you’re feeling bold. 

Wear it Under a Denim Jacket

For a timelessly cool and casual look, pair a denim jacket with your men’s hoodie. You can either layer the hoodie over a casual, minimalist tee or wear it as the first layer. Then, complete the look with a classic denim jacket, skinny jeans, and sneakers that match your hoodie.

Wear it Under a Leather Jacket

If you think a denim jacket is a little boring and old-school, don’t worry – you can take the coolness factor up a notch by pairing your men’s hoodie with a denim jacket instead. 

For this look, start with a bold colored men’s hoodie and pair it with a classic black leather jacket. Complete the look with dark jeans – either black or indigo will do. Because the leather jacket and jeans are a combination of dark-on-dark, you can experiment and play around with the color and pattern of your hoodie to create a look that will truly stand out. Complete the outfit with a pair of ankle-length boots. 

Styling a men’s hoodie may seem complicated, especially if you’ve been using it as a comfortable option for relaxing days spent at home. But, while hoodies are great to lounge in when you’re chilling at home, you can also make them an integral part of your streetwear style – and the tips above will help you get started doing just that.