The Comparison Between Diamonds and Moissanites

There is no second thought or any confusion about the giant popularity of moissaniteco, because the company is famed for its quality jewelry particularly for the moissanite. Just visit its website, and you will be equipped with handsome amount of jewelry items and moissanites. Let’s now learn what actually moissanite is?

What is Moissanite in Actual?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide. Often it is mistaken with a diamond, whereas it is not a diamond stimulant. Moissanite exceeds a diamond in fire and brilliance. The superior quality it possesses makes it quite difficult for heirloom quality jewelry because it is exceptionally resistant to scratching, breaking and chipping. The brilliance about MoissaniteCo’s moissanite is that they are cut and very skillfully polished than diamonds. Thus, instead of diamonds, people like to have moissanite in their engagement rings. Apart from all the above, moissanite is environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. You may get all details about moissanite from

Discovery of Moissanite

It was first discovered 50,000 years back in minute quantities from particles carried to earth by a meteorite. Today, the moissanites are available as faceted gemstones in a wider array of sizes and shapes. 

The Importance of Moissanite

The other alternatives of diamonds often get dull and turn out to be cloudy with time. But in the case of moissanite, it is atomically stable like diamond. Therefore, it is simply impossible if it changes its color or loses its optical properties with the ongoing of time. It is also more heat resistant than diamond. More details about the importance of moissanite are available at

Moissanite vs. Diamond

If we go with the difference, moissanite though appears to be low on the scale than a diamond at 9 to 9.5, moissanite is still very durable. The only minerals that scratch moissanite includes those equal or high on scale named diamonds and other moissanite. 

Which is Cheaper – a Moissanite or Diamond?

Well, everyone knows the price hike of diamonds. But in the case of moissanite, they are considerably cheap than diamonds. For the equal size and quality, the price of moissanite will be one-tenth the cost of a mined diamond. 

For engagement rings, though diamond is preferred, now the trend of going with moissanite has gathered momentum among the people. This happens because of the lesser price, durability and quality. More details at