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Are you serious? When people ask us about the coffee mug’s color, the first thing they think is the taste. Yes, researchers say that the color of the mug results in different coffee tastes. Every color has its attributes. So, now when you go to buy designer coffee mugs. Do remember this article.

Why did coffee mugs become so popular?

The first coffee mug was invented in the Neolithic period i.e. 1700B.c to 2600B.C. Then made of wood or animal skulls in 3000B.C. Metalwork was the next rich artwork but when hot coffee was poured it was nearly impossible to hold the mug. Ceramics was a great invention that completely changed the coffee mug era. It made a perfect pot for the world to enjoy morning tea/ coffee.

64% of American adults drink coffee every morning. Coffee is always in the cabinet. Coffee mugs became a hit in 1945 after the Victor Insulator Company manufactured thick white non-slippery bottom mugs for the US Navy.

Later it evolved with time. Illy was one of the first companies that offered designer mugs for cappuccino and espresso. These were a bit smaller but cute that grabbed people’s attention. The first branded Starbucks mug made a huge impact on the barista business. The coffee chain is more than 30$ million dollars and sells crazy coffee. Now you know how coffee mugs created a buzz that is still retained. 

Coming back to the study…

It was found in the new research by the journal Flavor. The color of your coffee mug affects the taste of your coffee. How can even scientists think of this weirdest test, right? A lead author chatted at a local joint barista where he heard a customer complaint about bitter coffee taste in white mugs as compared to transparent glasses. Something clicked with him and get back to the team to test this out.

When the team checked, they found coffee tasted a bit stronger than transparent mugs. It’s not the color of the cup, but your mind that makes the coffee taste different. It is a psychological trick that our brain associates with a dark color to be strong. 

Because of the color contrast, dark coffee seems darker in white mugs, which is why it tastes bitter. In a transparent mug, coffee seems on the sweeter side to people.

On the other hand, blue mugs enhance both sweet and bitter flavors. So, now you know why our coffee tastes bitter or sweeter? Remember our interesting article the next time you buy a mug for someone. 

We are not done yet. Let us see how the coffee tasted in different colored mugs:

White Mugs: 

A white mug is linked with bitter and stronger coffee. Many people prefer strong coffee and few don’t like bitter coffee. If you are using a white mug in your morning routine coffee, think about changing it if you are not a strong coffee person.

Red and Blue Mugs: 

Prefer sweet coffee or mild, try drinking in blue or red mugs. These colors are often associated with a sweet flavor. It is why your brain translates it into a mild sweet taste.

Brown mugs:

Coffee beans are often associated with brown color. This isn’t true. It is not possible to judge coffee color by its flavor. Dark-colored mugs make you perceive coffee as strong. It is why white color mug coffee tastes bitter because the coffee in white looks dark and muddy.

Dr. Farrimond studied and said that whatever ceramic or porcelain mug you choose is fine but never drink coffee in a Styrofoam mug. IT is because Styrofoam has the ability to absorb flavor that reduces the flavor of tea/ coffee.

Federation University Australia and the University of Oxford did this study to know whether barista claims are scientifically true or false. Coffee tasted bitter in the white mug was found true. They did a study with 36 volunteers with three different color cups-white, blue and transparent.


The experiment explains that the color of the mug affects people’s thinking about the beverage. Also, the color contrast created a different mindset for people. They thought it was stronger. Similarly, when coffee is served in a blue or red-colored mug, they find it to be on a sweeter note.

The experience was multisensory and worked according to what the consumer saw. The images and conclusions that the mind makes by seeing a coffee mug show how creative people’s minds are. 

Do try drinking your morning coffee with the same measurements in different colored mugs and tell us your experience. We would love to hear from you what you think of this article. Have a good day!