The Classic Cowboy Hat for Women – Tips on How Women Can Get the Best Quality Hat

The cowboy hats were in trend earlier. However, the hats also became a part of popular western culture. These hats also have an essential role to play in the history of North America and usually got worn by musicians, farmers, and ranch workers, and it was a symbol of the rich heritage. The hat also gained prominence when people drove their cattle during the 19th century. And the hat still gets worn and more so by women who want to experiment with this popular hat type.

The women straw cowboy hatshave become a popular straw addition. Today, it is widespread amongst style-conscious women as well as celebrities. That is not all! The young women fashion bloggers and style experts also wear that and post in their social media profiles.  So, if you want to purchase this hat online, you need to get it from a popular online store to get the best one.

The guidelines for buying the best cowboy hats online

Most women want to purchase the best cowboy hat that looks good, fits well, and is of good quality. Here are a few things that they need to consider before purchasing the hat:

The facial structure and shape

Women should consider their facial structure and hat shape before buying a cowboy hat. It is essential to try out different hats and check the ones that look perfect on you and makes your face look attractive. It’s best to select a hat that balances the facial features. A cowboy hat with a medium crown is the best option if you have an extended and thin facial structure. It’s essential to consider the crown height as well. It’s because the shorter and taller crown height can give a more extended appearance to your face. On the other hand, if yours is a round facial structure, opt-in for the small-sized crown hats as it comes with a forward angle that will enable you to look your best. You need to ensure that the crown and the hat height make your face appears pleasant.

The materials

The next crucial factor is the hat material. You should keep in mind the material used for the hat design and choose the one that best suits your style preference and requirement. The two popular materials are:

  • Felt cowboy hats

The hats that get made from leather or wool provide a clean or stylish appearance. Also, these hats can block debris and dust and need daily cleaning. It used to be known as the conventional cowboy hats that got highlighted in several movies.

  • Straw cowboy hats

The straw cowboy hat gets made from straw-like materials or straw that gets sewed together. It needs less cleaning effort, and you can maintain it easily. Also, if you don’t have a formal cowboy hat, you can opt-in for the straw cowboy hat for everyday wear, and it can last you for several years.

The hat size

The other crucial factor to consider here is the size of the hat. The hat size of the cowboy hat distinguishes it from the ordinary baseball cap. Usually, the baseball caps are manageable, and it can fit women who have various head sizes and shapes. But the same rule doesn’t apply for the cowboy hats for women. These hats are not very flexible. Hence, it would help if you chose a hat which suits you very well and doesn’t lead to any discomfort.

It is best to take the necessary guidance from a professional hat maker who will enable you to select the correct hat size. It’s essential to choose a hat that fits your head comfortably. It should be neither too tight and nor too loose. Otherwise, it can result in a headache or fall off your head if there is a strong wind. Incredibly tight hats will restrict the blood circulation and can also lead to head creases. Hence, when you opt-in for an expert retailer, you can select the best hat with the correct fitting.

The selection of hat colors

The best online hat makers and retailers will help you to choose from hats of different colors. It all depends on the type of hat that you are searching. Some of the common hat colors that provide a good contrast with various top patterns, like stripes, weaves, and checks, comprise white, brown, silver, and black. And for women who don’t want to purchase a new straw cowboy hat every now and then, should opt-in for a hat color that will complement most of their attires.

The reputation of the online hat maker

It is essential to buy your straw cowboy hat from an expert online hat maker with a good reputation. One of the best ways to know it, is to read through the customer reviews and testimonials. And if you have any queries, it is necessary to ask the online hat maker and get it resolved to make the best choice.