At What Age Should You Start Caring for Your Skin

With all the procedures offered by today’s modern technology, many people often ask for the best skin laser treatment. However, the right kind of laser procedure depends on what type of skin condition the patient wishes to address.

Though there are numerous types of treatments available in the market, there is no one-size-fits-all procedure for everyone. To know what works best for your skin, it’s necessary to be informed about all the skin treatments that are available today.

It’s also important to always consult a specialist before undergoing any kind of procedure to know whether it’s completely necessary for your skin. It’s also ideal to do your research about different types of procedures to somehow understand how they work.

In this article, we’re going to learn about different types of laser procedures to give you an overview of what might be the best skin laser treatment for your skin. With all the procedures available today, it helps to be informed so that you can somewhat grasp what the results might be after each treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Considered as the best skin laser treatment for acne-prone skin, fractional CO2 lasers utilize carbon dioxide to remove the deep surface layers of the skin. It removes traces of acne spots and scarring. It can do this for both superficial and deep skin irregularities caused by acne breakouts.

As it does this, it also stimulates the production of collagen within the skin which is highly essential for skin regeneration. Typically, the skin would show continuous signs of improvement within a span of months after each procedure. 

Laser Genesis

This type of procedure is often considered the best skin laser treatment for overall rejuvenation. It is also done very quickly and can take as fast as 15 minutes which is why many people call it a “super facial”.

It can address redness and caused by conditions such as rosacea and can also boost the production of collagen within the skin. This results in tightness which can eliminate signs of aging leaving the skin youthful and glowing after each procedure.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation

May skincare enthusiasts consider this as the best skin laser treatment simply because of how well the procedure can deliver results. Much like laser genesis, it can improve the overall well-being of the skin especially when it comes to the complexion.

Too much exposure to the sun can damage the skin and initiate premature aging. It can also lead to issues like sunspots which may cause your skin to look older. Laser photo rejuvenation can easily address this and allow the damaged skin to be replaced by the healthy layer underneath.

Pulsed Dye Laser

Vascular lesions are often considered undesirable especially for those that prove to be difficult to remove. Although there are topical medications that are available in the market, it does not exactly address all kinds of vascular lesions.

Pulsed Dye laser procedures are often considered the best skin laser treatment for vascular lesions such as birthmarks or hemangiomas. It destroys abnormal blood vessel formations and require little to zero downtime.