The best methods to find Dropshipping products

The problem of finding a winning product remains a fundamental problem in the dropshipping business.  

Many people think that the focus should be on marketing strategy rather than on finding a winning product. 

AliExpress’s winning products have been a huge success and continue to deliver interesting results. However, Adspy is a more efficient way to quickly locate trending products.

This article will help you to understand the best methods to find the most profitable Dropshipping products and how you can use Dropispy in your dropshipping business. 

How to find the best Dropshipping products

There are many options, but we will only discuss two classic methods (AliExpress/Facebook) and the best: Adspy tool.

  • To start, you can browse AliExpress… to discover products with higher orders and so more in demand.
  • Second, you can watch ads in your Facebook news feed.
  • The third is to use an adspy software like Minea and DropiSpy for winning products on social networks.

Let’s look at them individually and see which one is the most efficient.


It is a well-known practice that AliExpress users can use to search for the best products. This method has proven effective over time and continues to gain popularity, even though it may not be as efficient in today’s digital world.

This is the right time to inform you that AliExpress searches for Dropshipping products takes time.

It is thus more beneficial to seek out other methods that meet your current needs.

Use Facebook to find winning products 

Although this method is free, it can be difficult to find the most engaging ads or those that are trending. These trending ads are rare on Facebook.

We are often not able to find all the interesting and winning ads on Facebook, regardless of our best efforts.

These are the reasons to use Adspy tools, which are quicker and more efficient to gather the best Dropshipping product.

Find Dropshipping Winning products with an Ad Spy tool 

Adspy tool to spy on ads on social networks is the second best method. Adspy tools gather millions upon millions of ads per day and make them available on their platforms.

You can use their database to precisely search for the ads you are looking for to help your business. It could be targeting a specific niche or audience. This gives you access to millions of ads which can be used to help you create a winning product.

Adspy Tools are quicker than the other two methods and can help you find winners’ products as well as control over the competitive market. Because they allow you to keep an eye on which Dropshipping products your competitors are using in their online shops.

An Adspy tool can be described as social media ad-spyware. We’ll now explore what it does and how you can make your business more profitable. Dropshipping and E-commerce.

Adspy tool meaning

To support this two-themed party, we will address them individually.

What is an Adspy tool?

An Adspy Tool allows you to search for social media ads. The tool can collect millions of ads on social media and find the most popular, trending ones.

Because of this, it is possible to find the best Dropshipping products. DropiSpy and other adspy tools can help you rank the best stores.

Why use an Adspy tool?

An Adspy tool offers the benefit of reducing the effort required to find Dropshipping products which perform well in a competitive market.

In addition, you can see the Facebook ads they are running in real time. Consider the Adspy Tool as an example. It will help you to better understand it in concrete terms.

DropiSpy tool is what we trust

Drospispy uses a wide range of filters and sorting to be able to monitor ads on Facebook, etc. To keep you ahead in the market, even the most reputable stores of your competition.

It then collects millions upon millions of ads every day and makes them accessible to you. These millions of pieces can be filtered and sorted according to your goals. Dropshipping success stories.

In short, with Dropispy you can:

  • Find the top Dropshipping products.
  • Win high-potential and winning ads.
  • Know your competitors’ actions and strategies, and their target niches.
  • Spy in real-time at their top stores to obtain information about their winning products.

You can’t waste your time searching AliExpress and your Facebook news feed looking for new products, no matter what your field is in Dropshipping or E-commerce. , Adspy tools like DropiSpy, Minea, etc. These tools are best suited for your needs.

3) Practical case: Find a Dropshipping product with the DropiSpy Adspy tool

You need to have several strategies in place to ensure that you find the best Dropshipping products. However, there are only a few strategies that can capture the outlines.

An Adspy tool will be required to effectively accomplish this. DropiSpy is the next step in this example.

Dropshipping products that are most popular online is one of the best strategies for research. To identify potential products, first identify those ads that have the most interaction and promote them.

Let’s examine a concrete example that will help you to understand the steps to take to find trendy products. In this case, we will be using Dropispy’s Adspy tool. Let’s now get to the important stuff.

Precise ad search window 

DropiSpy’s Adspy tool lets you sort ads by “last viewed date” or ads are first seen on DropiSpy.

Our goal is to narrow down our search so that we find lots of Dropshipping ads. This is why DropiSpy allows us to conduct research.

First, click on the “Filters” button in the upper right corner. As shown in the below image.

The window that opens allows us to fine-tune our searches among millions of ads found in the tool’s database. You can see what this opens up for you:

Let’s now proceed to the date step of creating an ad.

Search by ad creation date

We will now filter out the most recent Dropshipping ads in order to identify the best products. The “creation dates” filter lets you choose between 2 dates.

Let’s examine a few ads that are 30 days old or older, which would be 30 days from now. The following are some examples:

Now let’s move onto the Call To Action.

The Call To Action

Let’s define the call for action on the advertisement. Dropshipping products ads tend to use “Shop Now”. Dropshipping products ads often use “Shop Now”.

Many Dropshippers have a promotional strategy that allows them to convert their prospects into potential customers. This is why Dropshippers often reduce their product prices by 50% and add the call for action button.

Let’s move on to the ad retargeting platform

The ad redirection platform

Dropshipping stores are most often created and developed using Shopify Content Management System. Let’s look at popular e-commerce platforms as an example. The result is the following:

There are other media options that can be of interest to us.

The Media type

Here you can filter only ads by video formats. This makes it easy for Facebook to get the attention of Internet users. These video formats are much more common for Dropshipping ads.

What about the target language and country of the ad? Let’s talk about this!

Target country and language of the ad

To refine our search and to deepen the results, you can filter the countries the advertiser is targeting even before the ad goes live on Facebook.

It is also very helpful to know how the ads are sorted. Let’s get started!

Sorting ads in search

We can also sort our search by simply clicking the drop-down in the upper left corner.

You can choose to sort things by the number of “comments”,” likes”, or “shares”. However, this time, we are interested only in the number of shares.

You can sort ads by how many shares they have. Then, you can sort them by sharing. Therefore, only the top results will contain the most popular ads. Dropshipping ads which get the most shares are likely to be viral and win.


Dropshippers or e-merchants need to have the most efficient methods at their disposal to quickly find the best Dropshipping Products. This is essential to their success.

Adspy tools make Dropshipping easier than ever! Because they allow you to save time (unlike research via AliExpress and Facebook, which take too much time and don’t guarantee success), and also give you the best products and trends in a matter of minutes.

Adspy tools allow you to spy on Facebook ads. You can collect data about ads to help you determine the winning products. You will learn why it is useful and how to use it by reading this article.

Imagine how great it would be to have you try one of these Adspy Tools for the success and growth of your online business.