The Best Locations for Remote Workers in El Nido (2023)

Numerous online jobs have emerged as a result of technological improvements. People who work remotely are fervently looking for new locations to work from rather than contenting themselves with remaining continuously based at home. 

While there are many excellent Coworking spaces in El Nido the world’s major cities, digital nomads have once again raised the bar.

They are now bringing their remote work to the most picturesque and distant locations on the planet. It is understandable why going to El Nido is so high on their bucket lists. But what coworking alternatives does this tropical have to offer?

The Philippines’ collection of islands are demonstrating that they can keep up with coworking and coliving by matching the greatest places to live in the country. You only need to select your favorite.

El Nido’s Options for Work Locations

Although El Nido doesn’t have a lot of coworking spaces, that shouldn’t stop you from working from this location. 

You can still work and have fun in El Nido if you’re ready to adjust your expectations a little. Numerous hotels and eateries are suitable for that use. Wherever you chose to remain, you can also create your own workspace.

Make sure the location has powerful Wi-Fi, and ideally a power generator. Then, make yourself a cup of strong coffee and set up your portable stand desk. When the workday is over, you may dedicate yourself to taking advantage of all that El Nido has to offer in terms of outdoor activities.

Which Locations in El Nido Are Worth Trying to Work From

We’ve The best Coworking spaces in El-Nido list you can check by clicking here. To help you make a wise choice, we discuss both their positive and negative aspects. Or simply give them all a shot!

We list the places below that we think you should visit:

Clock-in at the V and V Bagel Art Cafe, Botanica El Nido Seda Hotels, and Hotel Covo, Lio Estate Resorts.

The only all-inclusive coworking space in El Nido is Clock-In, located in the Hotel Covo in Lio Estate Resorts. It doesn’t call itself a coworking space specifically, but it does provide all the amenities for mobile employees, independent contractors, and teams in need of a rented office.

Hot desk coworking spaces are available for hourly or daily rental, and they come with high-speed internet that can reach 35 Mbps. Additionally, you have unrestricted use of their utilities, coffee, water, and tea. 

The conference and meeting spaces have all the essential furnishings, including VOIP phones, smart LED tvs, and whiteboards. 

A sound system, a projector, and a screen are put on the wall of the rental event area. Additionally, Clock-In provides the Virtual Office service, which entrusts them with the handling of your calls, emails, and packages.

Your card entitles you to free access to any Clock-In location, regardless of where you happen to be. The perk of staying at Hotel Covo is that you get to experience real coliving while having the convenience of having your workspace just a few levels away.

Discover the Breathtaking In the Philippines, El Nido

The Philippine island of Palawan’s northernmost point is where El Nido is situated. It is a group of 45 enchantingly little islands that are perfect for island hopping. 

The area is the epitome of perfection with its immaculate white beaches, turquoise lagoons, breathtaking caverns, towering cliffs, and abundant animals. In El Nido, it won’t be difficult for you to come up with things to include in your agenda. Some of the things you could do are listed below:

  • Lagoon swimming
  • Look for hidden beaches.
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkel\skayak

Go bonkers aboard a party boat

Avoid being swept up in the enjoyment that El Nido has to offer. You won’t work, and before you know it, you’ll also be insolvent. El Nido is hardly the most costly location on earth, but sadly there is only one ATM there (at the Municipal Hall). 

Make sure you pack enough cash to cover your entire trip’s expenses and make a spending plan. Stay as close to your budget as you can and steer clear of any unforeseen costs. 

Despite the fact that there is just one ATM, it may go out of service without warning or run out of cash during busy tourist seasons. The capital of Palawan, Puerto Princesa, is five hours’ drive from the next nearest ATM.

You can go island hopping and scuba diving all you want in El Nido if you have enough money. What if you need to complete some work as well? Let’s look at how El Nido can provide you the finest of both worlds.

Can You Work From Home in El Nido

For all the reasons mentioned above, El Nido has come to be associated with paradise. Enjoying a heaven on Earth like this one has a price. Being so alone can make it difficult to perform to expectations at work.

You should be aware that blackouts happen frequently in El Nido. It may surprise you to learn that there are frequently 30- to 60-minute power interruptions here, although this is an improvement over the prior scenario. 

This location used to only have power from 6 pm to 4 am a few years ago. It could be a good idea to pack your own power bank as a backup, even though many hotels now have their own generators.

If you visit El Nido during the tourist season, the crowds could be still another obstacle. Since it’s a busy time of year, you’d need a calm, less-traveled location with few distractions to work from.

The island of Palawan has wifi

For online work, the Wi-Fi signal’s strength is important. Given that El Nido is a remote location, phone and Wifi coverage there might be problematic. 

Wireless sim cards are a possibility, although they’re not the best because they frequently have extreme lag in tourist areas. The best choice is to bring your own 3D router or work from a large hotel.

Are You Going to Visit El Nido

El Nido is a perfect illustration of the picturesque scenery, verdant woods, and turquoise lagoons that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. 

You will probably run into other nomads or expats in this location, and you’ll be able to form enduring relationships with others who share your interests in addition to enjoying pure, untainted nature.

We are confident that El Nido will have something for you, even if you will probably need to test out a few cafes and hotels before you select the location that best suits your remote work requirements. 

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is not to let the occasional Wi-Fi disruptions and power outages deter you from visiting this lovely location. We can tell you that your vacation time in El Nido will be richly rewarded with a ton of priceless memories!