The Best Flower Bouquets in Singapore

If you look to surprise your loved one on a birthday, wedding anniversary or romantic date, flowers are your perfect choice. Read on to get the most beautiful bouquet ideas in Singapore that will surely make your lover’s heart melt.

1. Roses Eustoma Tulips

This bouquet combines the beauty and fragrance of women’s most beloved flowers. It is made to meet the finest tastes and express your deep love for your dear person. The light pink roses combined with hot pink eustoma, white tulips, fillers and foliage render elegance and femininity. This bouquet is the perfect option for various occasions. Whether it’s a first date, wedding anniversary or mother’s birthday, it makes up for a great gift. Don’t hesitate to complete this bouquet with some add-ons to make it more memorable. It can be fairy lights, chocolates, a bird’s nest or a hamper full of goodies.

2. Gossypium Dried Lavender

A bouquet made of gossypium and dried lavender is sure to meet the select tastes of your wife or mother. It is sober, mature, eye-pleasing and makes a great ornament for the home. To add value to the bouquet, you can choose some add-ons. Since dried lavender provides a long-lasting fragrance, you can get a vase so that your wife or mom can put the flowers in it and enjoy their pleasant smell for weeks. Also, you can choose fairy lights, chocolates or a hamper. Depending on the preference of your dear one, you can opt for a fruit hamper, a gourmet hamper or a chocolate hamper.

3. Preserved flowers

Fresh flowers are the best ingredient for a bouquet. Yet if it’s not the season, dried and preserved flowers will also do the trick. Preserved flowers are as beautiful and scented as fresh ones. Their appearance slightly differs, but they remain a great gift on a special occasion, be it a birthday, first date anniversary, marriage anniversary or international women’s day. Bukit Timah florist puts all the dedication into arranging the bouquet in an appealing way so that the recipient feels satisfied with what she sees. You can freshen up the bouquet with a hamper with fruits or candies.

Are bouquet add-ons important?

Spicing up the bouquet with add-ons will provide more positive emotions to the recipient. Given that bouquets are rich and colorful, they don’t require additional mini-gifts to seem complete. However, your beloved woman will appreciate it if besides beautiful flowers, she gets something delicious. Chocolates, fruits, and gourmet delicacies will make sure she remembers the gift for long. Always consider the type of the event and the preferences of the recipient before choosing the add-on.

How to choose the best florist in Singapore?

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, wife or mom with a stunning bouquet, you have to do your research to find the best florist in the area. You are good to choose a florist that provides a wide selection of bouquets that range from simple to sophisticated ones. The more ingenious combinations the florist creates, the higher chance your bouquet will be like no other and your dear woman will feel truly unique. Moreover, look for a florist that delivers fast in all areas of the city.