The best applications for revision

Examination revision can be time-consuming and stressful. You need to organize your notes, conduct research, and memorize a lot of information, and you have to do all this as you try to stay focused. It is always hard to stay focused in school because you constantly worry about your academics, student well-being, and social life. Having all these to worry about continually makes you not have enough time to concentrate on your studies as much as you may want. It is, therefore, sound advice for students to manage their time correctly, especially when it comes to revising for their examinations since failure is not something that is allowed in the school and their form if you want to pass you are exams you need to have yourself prepared. You can only do this by getting ready for the exam by revising. You can also find more assistance from custom college essays. This list will give you the best applications that you can use for aviation, especially for university students.


This application is best for testing knowledge. It is among the most popular applications that students use to revise for their exams. It garnered almost 50 million users monthly. On top of that, the application will allow the user to create their flashcards, test their depth of knowledge using quizzes, and listen to the audio of the study material in several languages. The application is a great platform to freeze in the revision as you move and make your study time a bit more fun.


The application is best in organizing notes, and it is most useful for individuals who take a lot of messages and find it quite difficult to organize them or when storing them. You can find or keep your notes in audio, images, text, or other various types of documents, which means that you can always capture them easily and quickly and come up with the notes that you want to find and learn from. In addition, it has the function of search, which eases locating notes.

Microsoft Office lens

the application is best for taking images of text and converting them. You can take pictures of the notes in your lecture from the bone or take a picture of your handwritten notes, then convert them into readable text, which you can later, and it’s and use for revision. The application is also good to go if you want to convert a print copy of documents or other publications, which means that you can always picture information from any other source. This tool is really useful if you want to do my homework now.


The application has many functions and duties best for developing a strategy for revision since it will improve management of time and develop a plan for revising for examinations that you can constantly tailor according to your needs. With the application, you can always allocate timeframes and tie them to various objects, come up with the tasks and manage them, give time, and maintain a routine through the calendar. It also houses multiple tools which you can use to create your notes for revision which includes quizzes, slides, and mind maps.

Focus booster

The application is best for bolstering focus, and even though it might seem counter-intuitive, concentration can generally get dead through taking breaks. On the other hand, delegation generally improves human stress. Also, it maintains productivity which will help you to get your revision done every day and will also remind you to have gaps in between your revision intervals, and that can get done through the timer that it has, which allows you to see how much time that you have for your session. You can also customize your session’s length and give out reports to find out some of the best methods that work best for you.