The best Alternatives of Instagram

The two things which all people love to do are – first watching movies or videos on YouTube or pirated sites and second using social media. Nowadays the trend of watching movies through pirated sites like 13377x, Uwatchfree, etc is increasing. On the other hand, social media is always everyone’s priority. As we all know Instagram is a widely used app for sharing photos, videos and connecting with people all over the world. It has great features like chat, video chat, sharing stories, reels, photos, using hashtags, following followers, tagging people, etc. Instagram is to photography what YouTube is to videos, the best sharing platforms.

But somewhere due to its change in the privacy policy as facebook acquired it or maybe people got bored with its similar kind of content, alternatives of Instagram are in demand for sharing photos, ideas, crafts, or artworks. So today in this article, you will get to know about the best three alternatives of Instagram which not only give you more interesting features but also will be something new to explore.

1. Snapchat

Undoubtedly, if we are looking for Instagram’s alternatives, Snapchat surely deserves the first place. After all, Facebook copied many of Snapchat’s features and brought them to Instagram like stories, filters, disappearing messages, etc. to keep its users from leaving. Snapchat has also modified its features and also brought new features like discover which is similar to Instagram feed. Also, we all know that the AR filters on Snapchat are better than Instagram filters. Snap maps are also a great place to explore events, breaking news, etc. Additionally, Snapchat is an innovative app that foresees which direction social media will go in the future and always brings amazing features like short video stories as per that. So, Snapchat will be a better experience for innovative features than Instagram.


It is another alternative to Instagram for iOS and Android. It has similar features like Instagram like registering and creating an account with an avatar. But VSCO is a better option when it comes to posting photos and videos as you can process them in a better way. In VSCO, you not only post your picture but also you can improve it with its advanced features. Like you can add light, color, contrast, filters, and new elements, in which some are free and some are paid as well, to your picture to make it unique and creative. You can also take a picture directly using the VSCO cam and post it at once.

3. 500px

500px is the best alternative to Instagram for photographers. It is a platform for digital photography enthusiasts and aspiring photographers from more than 195 countries. It doesn’t have any features like stories, reels but it has an explore tab and you can also create Quests that works like Instagram guides. The best part is that 500px has a website also so that you can explore photographs on the big screen. 500px has a limitation of posting not more than 20 pictures in a week but if you pay $25 annually then you can post as many as you want. Overall, 500px is not for everyone but for those photographers on Instagram who want exposure to their work.

Final words

So, these are the alternatives of Instagram which you must check out if you want to explore new features. There are many other platforms also which can be used as alternatives to Instagram but these are our best recommendations. And we would like to suggest that rather than using pirated sites like Tamilyogi movies, TodayTVSeries2, worldfree4u, etc. you must check out these amazing apps to be a part of the innovative digital world and share your thoughts, videos, skills, and photographs with the world.


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