The Benefits Of Having More Facebook Followers And Likes

Social networks are and will be important for a long time in any online marketing strategy for any company and/or brand. And although in recent years trust in social networks has fallen quite a bit, doing good marketing on Facebook is still an important strategy for the community managers of many companies.

  • Because having an online presence on the networks is important
  • Because you can reach your target audience more easily
  • Because increasing the number of followers on Facebook can make more people see what you do
  • Because you can do good customer service on this network and use it to get likes on your Facebook page at the same time.

The organic reach of Facebook posts has indeed dropped a lot, but it is also true that good content attracts a large audience. And if you know how to combine your content strategy with advertising on Facebook Ads, it will be much easier for you to get followers on Facebook that you can convert into customers.

What sounds attractive?

I know it’s tempting to have many followers on Facebook… it’s cool and it gives you an important order of magnitude. However, you should not be tempted to buy them, because everything you acquire in this way will always be fake accounts and Likes on your Fan Page that are useless.

You must work to do the opposite, to get free and real likes on your Facebook page. Let them interact. Let them participate. Facebook is not based on the number of followers your page has, but if you know how to get real Facebook followers by using free services, you will have much more visibility and potential to convert them into customers. 

Why is it important to have likes and followers on Facebook?

It has always been said that having many followers on Facebook does not contribute anything. With nuances, but the truth is that if you have real followers on your Facebook Fan Page, they can be very useful.

Size and social proof

Having a million followers on Facebook is not going to be of any use to your audience, because they don’t know who they are or whether they are real or not. But if you have a high volume of likes in your daily posts on Facebook and there are also comments and engagement, your visitors will see that your volume of followers is important.

Because their participation implies that little by little you can have many more likes on your Facebook page.

Because virality makes the growth of your Facebook page possible

Because those new visitors will be tempted to become followers of your Fan Page.

Social proof is important, so you must show in your day to day that you know how to take advantage of all your followers on Facebook. This way you will convince new visitors. This way you will increase your likes and followers on your Facebook fan Page. This way you will get more Branding, reputation, and sales.

Segmentation of your target audience

We will see it later, but let me tell you that advertising on Facebook Ads is the best way you can get many likes on Facebook.

Because you can segment who you want to see what you advertise

Because you focus solely on your target audience

Because the way in which the network helps you increase the number of followers on Facebook is quite adequate.

It requires investment, of course. But it works. If you allow me to tell you about my experience, in my Online Marketing Agency we are getting between 300-400 new followers on a client’s Facebook page every month, with a monthly investment of $100 / month. If you then know how to take advantage of them, I assure you that it is very profitable.

More followers on Facebook, more reach

But, you need to get them to engage and engage with your content and posts. This way your engagement and likes will go up, otherwise having thousands of likes on your page will be like having nothing.