The benefits of good charcoal and its use in cooking and on the barbecue.

To have a unique taste, traditional cuisine and still in some countries, charcoal is used as fuel to cook food. We have often heard that its use should be moderate, is cooking with charcoal really healthy? This is what we will see more closely.

Charcoal cooking

First of all, cooking over a wood fire is special, due to the quality of the wood used in the process of making best lump charcoal, giving it an authentic flavor to food. It can be used in two ways, one for cooking in a pot using charcoal as the heat source and on the barbecue for direct cooking 10 cm from the embers. Then, in both cases, the food is cooked in the heat of the embers and in no case has contact with the flames. The heat is easily controlled depending on the amount of charcoal put in the fireplace. The food is varied and the grill cleaned with each use for a healthy cooking. Finally, charcoal is more chosen for barbecuing.

What charcoal used?

There are different types of charcoal. We invite you to try the compressed charcoal of planetconversations. Efficient and practical, compressed charcoal has two advantages, that of instant heating power and long-lasting combustion.

To enlighten you, here are the types of coals that exist:

  1. Quality of best charcoal: ideal for restaurateurs, this type of charcoal gives a special flavor to your items.
  2. It guarantees excellent cooking, Argentinian charcoal burns slowly.
  3. Done in small quantities, artisanal charcoal lasts longer than industrial charcoal.
  4. It has the particularity of regulating humidity, it is bamboo charcoal.
  5. Known to give a better taste to your grill, olive charcoal is suitable.
  6. It is distinguished by a long burning time, it is coconut charcoal.
  7. It obviously distinguishes other types of charcoal such as beech wood, vine charcoal and many others which have many characteristics.

Is a healthy charcoal barbecue possible?

First of all, for health reasons, charcoal is to be used outdoors. It must be away from the walls so as not to dirty them and must be in a ventilated place. A barbecue is healthy because the food is marinated beforehand, without additives, and cooked to get the best taste.

Then, for healthy use, it is recommended to use fire lighters . Because the use of flammable product is relatively dangerous for health and the environment. Lighting charcoal requires a few techniques, which we invite you to use during your barbecues.

Finally, also try the compressed charcoal. They are solid coals, having a strong heating power, up to 6 hours of cooking and do not dirty the hands.

First of all, compressed charcoal has many qualities, so the specificity of not having fine dust. Usually all coals have dust which dirties, slows down combustion, rises and sticks to food and increases ash content. Then, with the compressed coal there is no dust. The charcoal sticks are clean in your hands and 100% of what you buy will be burned. We invite you to compare the charcoal to the compressed charcoal of planet conversations. Finally, we invite you to take an order, visit our site: . Choose from our drop-off points closest to your locality. And collect your compressed charcoal cartons from  the nearest depot .

What type of charcoal should I use?

Have you ever wondered about choosing a charcoal? Did you also know that there are several types of charcoal  ? Yes, it is one of those simple secrets that make for good kitchens! If you are not yet an insider, let’s take a quick look at our best selections to guide you.

Quality charcoal 

If you have a fine palate, you are sure to appreciate the special taste of meals cooked with quality charcoal. It is also the most preferred charcoal for restaurateurs. Offering better combustion, you will recognize it by its large caliber of 40 to 140 mm.

Argentinian charcoal

Tasty grills await you! Thanks to its slow combustion, Argentinian charcoal is also suitable to better manage the cooking of your meat.

Olive charcoal

With its slightly spicy fragrance and its smoky note that is both sweet and spicy, olive charcoal offers a particular taste in smoking and grilling. It will also be suitable for cooking fish, meat but also vegetables!